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Which Camera is Best for Wedding Photography?

Do you know which camera you need to shoot a wedding? As a wedding photographer, it’s important to bring the right camera to the ceremony so that your clients will be happy with the quality of your photos. In this guide, we’ll share which camera is best for wedding photography. Our Recommended Brands: Canon and […]

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How to Add a Polaroid Photo Album in WordPress

Do you want to create a photo album that looks like polaroid photos? The polaroid style is a fun, casual look for your website. In this tutorial, we will share how to add a polaroid photo album in WordPress. WordPress does not feature a polaroid photo album by default, so you’ll need a plugin like […]

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Which Lens is Best for Wedding Photography

Are you wondering what camera lens to buy for your upcoming wedding shoot? With all of the choices out there, you may be wondering what the best wedding photography lenses are. In this guide, we will share which lens is best for wedding photography. When it comes to lenses, you will find a long list […]

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How to Customize WordPress Galleries for Mobile Devices

Do you want to customize your image galleries for mobile? With the rise of mobile internet usage, your photo galleries should be responsive. In this tutorial, we will share how to customize WordPress galleries for mobile devices. By default, WordPress image galleries are not customizable for mobile devices. You’ll need a plugin like Envira Gallery […]

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How to Move Images With Arrow Keys in WordPress

Do you want to use arrow keys to move through images in your WordPress galleries? Sometimes you want to take control of navigating through images with your keyboard in lightbox view. In this tutorial, we will show you how to move images with arrow keys in WordPress. If you have a lot of images on […]

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What Should a Wedding Photographer Wear?

Looking for wedding photographer outfit ideas? As a photographer, you are not bound to any particular attire, but you should dress like a professional. In this guide, we will share what should a wedding photographer wear. The wedding photographer’s dress code can be formal or casual, depending on the wedding. However, you should always dress […]

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