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How to Supersize a WordPress Gallery by using Envira Gallery

Share your WordPress gallery images at their largest possible size by using Envira Gallery. Envira Gallery allows you to supersize your gallery images while in lightbox so that an image fills your visitors’ screens. The Supersize addon is available for all those with a Gold License or higher. In this walkthrough, we are going to guide you on how you can use Envira […]

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How to Pin WordPress Images to Pinterest by using Envira Gallery

Being able to share your gallery images from WordPress to Pinterest is a must-have feature for today’s world of social networking. Envira Gallery easily enables your galleries to allow visitors to pin your gallery’s images to Pinterest with the click of a button. The Pinterest addon is available for all those with a Silver License or higher. In this […]

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How to Add a Theme your WordPress Gallery by using Envira Gallery

When it comes to quickly designing your WordPress Gallery, Envira Gallery simplifies the process by letting you add a theme. By adding a theme to your WordPress Gallery, you can quickly have customized photo borders, captions, and more. Envira Gallery makes it easy for you to customize and design your Gallery by providing the Gallery Themes Addon, […]

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