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Guide to the Patch Tool in Photoshop

Are you looking for a guide to the patch tool in Photoshop? You are? Great! You’re in the right place.  If you’re reading this article, odds are you have a good picture that only needs tidying up with the Patch Tool to be a great photo. Maybe it’s a fun shot of your children playing […]

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Guide to LUTs

LUTs are a fabulous secret weapon for post-processing and color grading your images. Now they have become one of the quickest and smartest ways to color grade and enhance skin tones and colors in your photographs. If you’re not sure what LUTs are, or what they do, this guide to LUTs is for you! We’ll […]

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How to Photograph Misty Landscapes

Have you wanted to create beautiful images of misty landscapes? Photographing fog, wet weather, and misty landscapes can be one of the most challenging landscape photography situations. There are a number of technical challenges involved in creating a compelling image in wet weather. To create a strong image, photographers have to balance a number of […]

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How to Smooth Skin in Photoshop

Portrait retouching can seem like an intimidating task, but the right tools will make the job quick and easy. In this tutorial, we’ll cover how to smooth skin in Photoshop, as well as the basics of skin retouching:  Effects of Smoothing Skin in Photoshop  Easiest Ways to Smooth Skin in Photoshop Steps to Smoothing Skin […]

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Guide to the Refine Edge Tool in Photoshop

Maybe you have been in this scenario before: you have a great closeup photo of a friend or family member and want to add a new background, but the person’s hair is making this difficult. You might think, how am I going to make an accurate selection with all that hair in the way? Fortunately, there […]

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