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Envira Gallery is a responsive WordPress gallery plugin that creates incredibly simple and easy workflows around building and managing galleries in WordPress.

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Responsive WordPress Gallery Plugin

Be responsive with half the effort.

Envira is a completely responsive WordPress gallery solution. From initial display to lightbox view, Envira makes your galleries look astounding on any viewing device. And the best part? We take care of responsive under the hood so you don't have to.

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responsive WordPress gallery

Create galleries for your workflow.

responsive WordPress gallery plugin

Forget the clunky uploaders, endless options and unusable interfaces. Envira gets out of the way so you can create responsive WordPress galleries that "wow" your visitors and clients. Upload your images in the order you want and drag-and-drop sort them if you change your mind.

Envira lets you maximize your input without the extra output.

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Cut your gallery building time in half.

Your time is incredibly valuable. Envira is built and crafted to minimize the time and effort needed to create each responsive WordPress gallery.

Don't waste your time trying to figure out how things work. Don't spend hours trying to build your galleries. Do get Envira and start saving serious time (and money).

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best responsive WordPress gallery plugin

Start small and grow as you grow.

WordPress gallery plugin

Envira is built cruft-free and in such a way that it grows as you grow. Need more features? Simply install one or multiple Envira Addons to extend what you can do. Never worry about excess resource overflow again with Envira.

Envira Addons enhance the experience and display of your galleries. From social sharing to extra themes, you can do just about anything you can imagine with your galleries.

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Build galleries that are flexible.

Want a responsive WordPress gallery for a specific post? Envira can handle that. Want a responsive WordPress gallery that can be used anywhere? Envira has your back.

Envira allows you to create and use your galleries anywhere, anytime. With our simple API, you can even create galleries for specific posts and use them elsewhere throughout your site.

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WordPress gallery

The trick to making difficult things easy, is to keep the easy things still easy. Envira makes everything easy. If you've struggled with WordPress gallery plugins that take video tutorials to learn, you're going to love Envira.

Chris Lema,

Features Drilldown

Always responsive
It doesn't matter where you view your WordPress gallery. Envira will display it beautifully with its built in responsive mechanisms. This works for both the gallery display and lightbox views.

Mobile ready out of the box
Envira is incredibly smart. In fact, Envira is so smart that can serve different image assets for mobile devices to ensure each WordPress gallery loads smoothly. You get to control the size of the mobile images - Envira will do the rest automatically.

Move galleries anywhere and everywhere
Don't waste time getting stuck going from different environments. With the intelligent import/export feature Envira offers, you can move your WordPress galleries from one site to another (or even one gallery to another) with ease.

Optimized workflows baked right in
Don't spend time clicking everywhere to get one WordPress gallery to display on your page. Create a gallery within the page itself and off you go. It's a one-stop shop for gallery creation.

All things native WordPress
Enjoy the beauty and ease of a seamless interface that blends right into the native WordPress UI. Spend less time learning the system and more time creating value for you and your clients.

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Customer Testimonials

When it comes to WordPress gallery plugins, Envira has no equal. Solid enough to do the job right, while flexible enough to handle any situation you can throw at it.

Andrew Norcross

Most WordPress gallery options are either too basic or require a PhD to figure out. For my clients, I need something that is easy to use yet powerful. Envira is the answer. Its straight forward approach means it is a breeze for my clients to quickly create galleries. Nevertheless, with the API and documentation available, it also allows developers to make customizations and extend functionality when necessary. Simply put, Envira is a great tool for everyone's tool chest.

Jared Atchison

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