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How to Be a Photographer at Concerts

Do you want to learn how to be a music photographer and take amazing concert photos? Photos are a great reminder of the fun of a concert, but it can be difficult to shoot high-quality images. Things like lighting changes, cramped spaces, and moving subjects make concerts particularly tricky to photograph.   But they don’t have […]

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How to create a PNG file in Adobe Photoshop

What is a PNG file? Are you confused by what a PNG file is? If so, that is perfectly understandable because there are many image file formats available to photographers. The most common ones include Jpeg, GIF, TIFF, and of course, PNG. What makes things even more tricky is that each has a specific purpose. […]

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A Beginner’s Guide to Photoshop’s Pen Tool

There are countless tools in Photoshop, such as the Pen Tool, that have many capabilities to perform the same task. The key is knowing which one is the best to use. Some may be wary of trying the Pen Tool because of the mixed reviews creatives give. Generally, the main complaint about this tool is […]

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How to Add Envira Galleries with WordPress Shortcodes

Did you know there are plenty of reasons why photographers love using WordPress to build their websites? Not only is WordPress the most popular content management platform online today, but it’s also one of the most flexible and customizable solutions. With a little bit of know-how and some expert guidance, you can accomplish virtually anything […]

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How to Add A Watermark with Photoshop and Lightroom

Do you want to add a watermark logo to your photos? Creating a custom watermark featuring your logo is one of the best ways to protect your images from being copied when you put them online. With Lightroom and Photoshop, this is easy. To create a signature watermark, you only need a few simple things: […]

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Announcing New Video Integrations

We’re pleased to introduce our expanded video gallery support options for Envira Gallery. More video platform integrations allow you to add more video sources for your galleries. We’ve added integrations with all the most popular video sharing and video hosting providers. The latest video integrations added are: Instagram Feed support Instagram IGTV support Facebook video support […]

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