Standalone Galleries

The standalone addon allows you to access galleries created through the Envira post type with unique URLs. Now your galleries can have dedicated gallery pages!

You know what sucks about the default WordPress galleries? They have to be tied to specific blog posts.

This is a huge problem for photographers because you often want to share your galleries.

That’s why we built the Standalone feature in Envira Gallery.

Envira’s Standalone feature gives your galleries a unique URL!

In other words, you can access your WordPress galleries created through Envira by typing a unique URL. This makes it very easy to share your gallery with others without sharing a whole blog post.

You can easily link to galleries from your social media sites, and when you update your gallery, it will be reflected on your URL as well!

All you have to do is enable the standalone option. It automatically makes the proper adjustments for all the galleries created within Envira, so that they each have unique URLs.

You can see an example by clicking on the link below.

Click here to see a dedicated gallery URL!

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