Albums Demo

Create photo albums in WordPress with just a few clicks.

If you take a lot of photos, then you probably want to organize them into albums. Envira allows you to create gallery albums, manage cover photos, show gallery titles, and more.

In these demos we’ll show you some of the most common types of albums that our customers create.

Unlike the first album, this one does not load the galleries in a lightbox. Instead it points the user to individual gallery pages. From there based on your gallery configurations, either the photos will load in a lightbox or on their own pages.

It’s not just the image that link to the gallery. You can also enable the gallery title to link as well if enabled.

Simply click on the albums below to see it in action:

Album with Lightbox Galleries

This album is configured to immediately load the gallery images in lightbox view. Select any of the gallery images in the album below to see it in action.

Filterable Album

Envira’s Tags Addon makes it simple to create filterable galleries. Using this same Addon you can also create filterable albums.

In this demo, we’ve configured an album to filter the galleries it contains. And, we’ve configured some galleries within the album to also filter the images using the Tags Addon.

View the Tagged Albums Demo

Album configurations:

3-column layout, lightbox disabled, tags enabled, back to album link enabled

Paginated Album

If you have a large number of galleries in a single album, you may wish to paginate them. Yes, you can use pagination with Envira’s Albums!
Below is an example of a paginated album, select any of the pagination links below the images to see album pagination in action.

You can not only show the image count per gallery in your album below the gallery title, you can also show the image counter in the album lightbox when using the Base (Dark) lightbox theme on the Lightbox tab.

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