Tags Addon

The Tags addon allows you to add custom tags to each of your images in your galleries. You can then query a custom gallery from tags used for your images, and you can even do animated tag filtering within your galleries.

One of the biggest pain-point with the default WordPress media library is that there is no way to sort your images.

We solved this problem by adding Image tagging in Envira.

With Envira Gallery’s Tags addon, you can add custom tags to each of your images in your galleries.

This is a really powerful functionality which does not exist in WordPress galleries by default.

When you add custom tags to images, you can easily sort them out and even create dynamic galleries based on tags.

Once you have tagged all the images you want to tag, you can take two different actions with the Tags addon.

First, you can create a custom gallery based on one or more tags. The Tags addon will build a gallery out of all the images that contain the specified tag(s). You can enter in your own custom ID for the gallery, and you also can set which gallery ID the config should come from.

The other action you can take with the Tags addon is to make your gallery tag filterable. Under the Tags tab, simply check the option to “Enable Tag Filtering” to enable filtering for the gallery.

This functionality will display a list of tags above your gallery, and when a tag is clicked, it will filter to show only the images tagged with that specific filter in a fancy, animated way. Awesome, right?

View our demo of Envira’s Tags Addon!

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