Envira Gallery Customer Testimonials

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The interface was very intuitive, which allowed me to create my great-looking galleries in minutes.

Thank you!

Joanne Helfrich //

This is what a gallery must do!

Try it yourself, no other plugin needed anymore!

Rpotse //

I usually don’t answer form emails but I must compliment you guys on a wonderful product.

I am a marine biologist who teaches. writes books/essays, and has visited and photographed some exciting spots in Nature over the years.

I wanted to put a small image gallery into my web site to replace a very expensive ( about $90 per year) and poorly designed Smug Mug gallery. I needed image protection to prevent photo theft.

I bought your basic plan which is sufficient for me. I decided to move about 30 of my images into an experimental Envira gallery this morning.

Your instructions were terrific !!! Three hours later I was fully functional to a point where the gallery is no longer just an experiment., It is a keeper!!!

Thanks for a fine product.

William Graham //

I use this plugin on two of my websites and will soon be installing it on a third one. It is simple to install and mange while offering great results. It is now my go-to plugin for galleries whether they are for portfolios, case studies or simply photos related to the website topic.

Egraney //

I recently installed Envira Gallery for my own photography website and I found it did exactly what I wanted it to do. I did need some technical support in helping me with a few appearance changes and after raising a ticket and contacting the team via their Twitter page I was supported by Barbi.

I honestly cannot say enough positive things about how helpful he was. He stayed in touch with me, and even implemented the changes I asked, as I wasn’t too technical.

He went above and beyond what I asked of him and cannot say enough positive things, not only about the gallery itself, but the support I was given when I needed it the most.

Many thanks,

Adam //

I had used NextGen Gallery for years but found myself always having some sort of issue integrating it with my theme and having conflicts with other plugins.

When I initially came across this plugin I wasn’t sure what to think until I started using it. Absolutely loved the fact that it didn’t cause any issue with my custom made themes and didn’t have to write any special code in my functions.php or anything else to get it to work.

Installed, activated, working. Doesn’t get easier than that!

Thank you guys for the great plugin

Andy //