NextGEN Importer Addon

The NextGEN Importer addon allows you to import NextGEN galleries, albums and tags into Envira Gallery!

Frustrated with NextGen gallery? We make switching to Envira Gallery really easy!

The NextGEN Importer addon for Envira allows you to import your galleries from NextGEN into Envira with just a few clicks.

Our smart importer will pull in all relevant data and information from your gallery, including images and their associated metadata, image tags, albums and more.

The process literally takes just a few clicks and is extremely easy like everything else in Envira.

Once you install and activate the NextGen importer addon, a new submenu item called “NextGEN” will be added below the main Envira admin menu item.

You would need to click on that link to then select the galleries and albums that you would like to import into Envira.

With this NextGEN importer tool, you can get rid of the clunkiness of NextGEN and enjoy the lightening fast load times of Envira without any qualms or hesitation!

**Note: The Albums addon for Envira requires a Pro license or higher to access.**

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