Watermark Gallery Demo

Easily add watermark to your new and existing WordPress images with the best watermark plugin for WordPress.

Do you want to add watermark to your WordPress images? Looking for the best watermark plugin for WordPress?

Well, look no further!

Envira Gallery’s watermark addon allows you to automatically add watermark to both new and existing images on your WordPress site.

You can upload your watermark image, choose it’s placement, and the spacing you want around it.

The best part is that Envira doesn’t add the watermark on fly, instead we create a new image with the watermark. This is extremely helpful in preventing image theft.

You can see our WordPress watermark gallery demo below:

Gallery configurations:

2 column layout, Base Theme, Lightbox enabled with all options, Watermarking enabled to show the mark on bottom right with 10px spacing from the edge.

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