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17 Best Photo Editing Software for Photographers

Do you want professional photo editing software on Mac or Windows so that you can perfect your photos? Whether your a beginner or a pro, editing your photos before uploading them to your photography website is essential. In this guide, we will share the best photo editing software for photographers. The best photo editing software […]

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What Is the Orton Effect?

The Orton Effect is an easily implementable effect for your images. This technique changes the contrast of your image to make a dreamier, more artistic photograph. How can you use the Orton Effect to make your photographs stand out? There are several different things you need to know about the Orton Effect and how to […]

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Envira Gallery Review

Want to know if Envira Gallery is the right WordPress plugin for you? This article will show you what the plugin can do for you and your business, and look at its features and cost. By the end of this article, you’ll see how Envira Gallery can benefit you and make your WordPress site more […]

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How to Replace a Sky in Luminar

Yes, you can replace a sky in Luminar, and it’s actually very simple to do using layers and gradient masks! Today you’ll learn several keys to replacing a sky in Luminar, including: How replacing a sky can improve a scenic photo Steps to replacing a sky in Luminar The easiest ways to replace a sky […]

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How to Become a Wildlife Photographer

Wildlife photography involves photographing wild animals in their natural habitats. Sounds fun, right? Breaking in to this genre, however, can take a lot of work. What’s the easiest route to becoming a wildlife photographer? Magazines like National Geographic have popularized beautiful editorial images of wildlife. Many National Geographic photographers are paid to travel to exotic […]

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What Does It Take to Be a Wildlife Photographer?

Being a professional wildlife photographer entails a lot of hard work. Travelling to exotic locations, purchasing extensive gear, and investing all of your precious time. What does it really take to become a wildlife photographer? Wildlife photographers and action photographers have the most intensive job. To be a professional you need to know exactly how […]

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