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How to Photograph Wildlife and Nature

For many, there is nothing like being able to capture timeless photographs of wild animals. For those of any level of experience, it can be one of the most satisfying things to do. So, how can you photograph wildlife and nature? Nature lends itself to photographs incredibly well. The terrain and wildlife that inhabits it […]

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How to Shoot Twilight Real Estate Photography

As a real estate photographer, you’ll need to master different techniques in order to be successful in the field. These skills include learning to photograph real estate at twilight, or dusk. Without understanding this process, life as a professional real estate photographer will be challenging. And, you’ll be limited in the types of jobs you’re […]

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What Type of Lens for Real Estate Photography

When shooting real estate, you might not be sure of what lens to use. Different lenses have different strengths, and the best lenses for real estate photography have particularities that you may not be familiar with. What are the best lenses for a budding professional real estate photographer? Certainly, a professional real estate photographer has […]

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What Lenses Do Professional Wildlife Photographers Use

Wildlife photography has resulted in some of the most incredible images you may have seen. Impossibly close to animals, how do professional wildlife photographers do it? What lenses do these photographers use? It could be a bird in flight, staring straight down the lens of the camera. It could be a herd of wild elephants […]

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Guide to LUTs

LUTs are a fabulous secret weapon for post-processing and color grading your images. Now they have become one of the quickest and smartest ways to color grade and enhance skin tones and colors in your photographs. If you’re not sure what LUTs are, or what they do, this guide to LUTs is for you! We’ll […]

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How to Photograph Misty Landscapes

Have you wanted to create beautiful images of misty landscapes? Photographing fog, wet weather, and misty landscapes can be one of the most challenging landscape photography situations. There are a number of technical challenges involved in creating a compelling image in wet weather. To create a strong image, photographers have to balance a number of […]

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