Albums Demo

Envira’s Albums Addon will allow you to easily organize your galleries into an album. For each gallery in the album 1 image would show. You can choose to enable or disable the Lightbox in order to load the gallery’s standalone link, which goes directly to the gallery’s page.

Album with Lightbox Galleries

Album configurations:

4 column layout with lazy load. Base gallery theme with photo count and gallery titles enabled. Image size 300 x 300 with cropping enabled. Lightbox Base (Dark) theme with Supersize, Fullscreen, Image Counter enabled. Transition on open set to Fade with transition on navigation set to Slide. Lightbox thumbnails disabled. Slideshow enabled, pause on hover and Slideshow speed set to 2800. Social enabled in lightbox for Facebook and Twitter.

Album with Standalone Galleries

Album configurations:

2 column layout with lazy load. Captioned gallery theme with photo count and gallery titles enabled. Lightbox disabled. Image size 640 x 480 with cropping enabled. Open URL in new window with gallery title linked as well as image linked to standalone gallery.

Filterable Album

Envira’s Tags Addon makes it simple to create filterable galleries. Using this same Addon you can also create filterable albums.

In this demo, we’ve configured an album to filter the galleries it contains. And, we’ve configured some galleries within the album to also filter the images using the Tags Addon.

View the Tagged Albums Demo

Paginated Album

If you have a large number of galleries in a single album, you may wish to paginate them. Yes, you can use pagination with Envira’s Albums Addon and Envira’s Pagination Addon!