Lightbox Gallery Demo

Create a WordPress gallery with a powerful lightbox / full screen view with Envira

Envira allows you to display your photos in a lightbox when they’re clicked.

Our lightbox comes with several controls such as arrow navigation, thumbnail navigation, touch-swipe navigation for mobile devices, and social media sharing options.

Go ahead click on the photos below to see it in action.

Gallery configurations:

3 column layout, Hard cropped thumbnails, Description below images, Base Theme, Lightbox enabled with all options (except the Enable Lightbox Supersize).

Supersize the Gallery Lightbox

Another option for the Lightbox is to  “Enable Lightbox Supersize?“.  With the same options as we set in the previous gallery, on this gallery, under the Lightbox tab we have “Enable Lightbox Supersize?” enabled.

You would need to install and activate the Supersize Add-on to enable this option.

Gallery configurations:

The same layout as our previous gallery, but with the “Enable Lightbox Supersize?” is checked.

Take a look at the gallery below, click on any image in this gallery to see the Supersize function in action!

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