Gallery Themes Addon

Enhance the appearance of your gallery layout with beautiful and custom gallery themes!

Don’t like the default WordPress gallery layout?

With Envira, you can use one of our many pre-made gallery templates to enhance the look of your galleries.

We have several pre-made WordPress gallery themes available on top of our custom CSS addon that you can use to customize everything.

You can see a demonstration of our available themes below:

Base Theme

[envira-gallery slug=”basic-demo-gallery”]

Subtle Theme

[envira-gallery slug=”thumbnail-gallery-toolbar”]

Sleek Theme

[envira-gallery slug=”gallery-slideshow-deeplinking”]

Showcase Theme

[envira-gallery slug=”showcase-theme”]

Captioned Theme

[envira-gallery slug=”captioned-theme”]

Polaroid Theme

[envira-gallery slug=”polaroid”]

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