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Envira Gallery Update

New Lightbox Templates, Album Templates, and What’s Coming Next

by Syed Balkhi on Dec 15, 2016

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Over the last month, we’ve been working hard on several new features and updates that many of you have requested. Today we’re excited to announce our new Lightbox gallery themes, more Album layout options, and several other enhancements. 

Here’s all that’s new in Envira Gallery.

New Lightbox Gallery Themes

As requested by many of you, we’ve added new lightbox gallery templates.

We’re excited to announce our new Base Dark and Base Light themes are ready for you to use.

Now you can customize the look of your gallery, and match the style to the rest of your website for a more professional appearance.

Envira Base Dark Theme

New Album Features and Updates

It’s now easier than ever to customize the look of your Albums.

We’ve enabled Album Layouts, so you can use the same layouts you use with your Galleries.

Also, we’ve enabled a new Template Selection feature. If your WordPress theme has custom page templates, you can now choose which template to use for each album.

When creating or editing your album, just click on the Standalone tab and select the page template you’d like to use.

Envira Gallery Album Page Templates

You can also now enable or disable the lightbox feature for individual galleries, instead of applying it to the whole album at once.

Standalone and Supersize Now Included in Envira Core

Our Standalone and Supersize features are no longer separate addons. Instead, we’ve decided to include these popular features in the core Envira plugin.

Now, everyone can easily display full size images or create independent galleries without having to install an extra addon.

Several UI / UX Enhancements

Our goal with Envira Gallery is to make it as easy as possible to create beautiful responsive galleries for your site. To that end, we’re always working on improvements to the user interface and experience.

In our latest update, we’ve improved the user interface for selecting galleries, and made several enhancements to various addons based on your feedback.

If you ever have an idea for how to make Envira Gallery easier to use, reach out and let us know! We’re always listening.

What’s Coming Next

We’re already hard at work on several behind-the-scenes updates and new features we can’t wait to share:

  • New and Improved Social Sharing addon
  • Major Update for the Adobe Lightroom addon
  • Proofing Addon Update
  • New Importer Framework so we can add options to import from Flickr and other third-party services.
  • Performance Optimization for even faster galleries

We thank you for your support and feedback in making Envira the best WordPress gallery plugin.

Syed and the Envira Gallery Team

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  1. Hi all,

    While I once again applaud the update;
    Not a single word on features mentioned months back, I am talking about the comments integration.

    Can you perhaps give any update on that front?
    As it’s not in the coming next … where does it leave that at all?

    Kind regards,
    Patrick Dankers

  2. No reply guys? Please by all means communicate 😉
    Even if it is bad news … communication is what keeps things clear and open.
    No feedback well it helps no one really.

    Kind regards and happy christmas!
    Patrick Dankers

    1. Hello Patrick. Comments integration is already in pipeline. As you see, we are currently focused on major updates for the existing Addons. We shall keep you posted through emails. 🙂

      1. Hi Waseem,

        Thanks for getting back to me on this, much appreciated.

        That would be wonderful. As it is in the pipeline any indication on the ETA? (not be a pain or anything, just curious ;))

        Kind regards and the best wishes for 2017 to you and all of the Envira team!
        Patrick Dankers

        1. Hi Patrick, apologies for the delayed response! Not a pain at all 🙂 The comments addon is something we definitely have planned but we don’t have an exact ETA for, since our developers currently are focused on the Adobe Lightroom addon, Proofing Addon, New Importer Framework, performance optimization, etc.

          Feel free to get in touch any time if you have any other questions!

          1. Hi Keri, thanks for you reply.

            Not looking for an exact ETA, I know from being a developer myself that that sometimes is hard to communicate especially when more is being developed as well. Just looking for a ballpark estimate to be honest.

            Asking because in the past I have made a custom solution for comments myself and when the actual mention came last year (May 19, 2016) that you where working on something for comments directly into Envira I was very pleased so at that point with future updates to Envira I did not keep in the custom changes (as they where a bit to get done in the first place)

            Also noting that in the past in support enquiries (for example Nov 16, 2016) I got feedback on how far along the coding was for comments etc.

            That is also the reason I keep asking, introducing new features etc ofcourse is welcome but not hearing anything concrete about a announced feature while the other mentioned ones did arrive and even newer ones are being added raises questions.

            But as the attention is not on it now according to the multiple features you named which have the focus now. Well just wondering where it leaves this at all.

            Not to be a pain at all as I mentioned but, if it is delayed communicate that. Always try to manage expectations even if you can not say anything remotely close. Now I am looking at this as ok you announced a feature roughly 8 months ago … and no real update and others things a getting in front of that without any acknowledgement.

            Hope you understand what I mean and look forward to future development.s

            Kind regards,
            Patrick Dankers

          2. Hi Patrick, thanks for your comment and suggestions. I understand it must be really frustrating to wait on this feature you’ve wanted for so long 🙁 The timeline for the Comments Addon has been delayed due to our focus on the other updates mentioned here, and I’m sorry that wan’t communicated clearly to you. We do our best to keep everyone in the loop with the blog and newsletter, so we’ll definitely keep your suggestions in mind going forward.

    1. Hi Mark, thanks for your comment! As mentioned to Patrick, the comments addon is something we definitely have planned but we don’t have an exact ETA for, since our developers currently are focused on the Adobe Lightroom addon, Proofing Addon, New Importer Framework, performance optimization, etc. Feel free to get in touch any time if you have any other questions 🙂

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