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How to Add Your Facebook Application ID to the Social Addon

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This guide will walk you through the steps necessary to create and add your Facebook Application ID to the Social Addon’s settings. Adding your Facebook Application ID is a requirement to use the Facebook sharing button in your Envira galleries and albums.


  1. Social Addon Settings Tab
  2. Create a Facebook Application
  3. Publish the Facebook Application
  4. Copy and Paste the Facebook Application ID

Step 1 – Social Addon Settings Tab

Once the Social Addon has been installed and activated navigate to the WordPress Admin > Envira Gallery > Settings, and select the Social tab. Here you’ll find the Facebook Application ID field.

To begin configuring your social settings navigate to the Social tab in the Envira Gallery Settings screen.

Step 2 – Create a Facebook Application

To begin, visit https://developers.facebook.com/quickstarts/?platform=web to create an App.

Enter a name for your web app (like your web site’s name) for the field “Choose an existing app or type the name of your new app”, and select the Create New Facebook App ID button.

IMPORTANT: The name you give your Facebook Application is displayed in the Facebook share. Be sure to name your Facebook Application knowing that the name is visible when people share your galleries and albums.

Enter a name for your web app to get started.

A dialog will appear prompting you to specify a Category for your App, then select the Create App ID button to proceed.

Specify a category for your App and select the Create App ID button to proceed.

On the next screen, scroll down to the Tell us about your website section, enter your Site URL and select the Next button to finish.

The Site URL should match the specific URL structure used for your site, for example if your site uses a www. prefix be sure this is included. If your site is loaded over SSL the protocol should be https:// instead of http://.

Add your Site URL as indicated in the Facebook App setup.

Now that you’ve completed your App setup, select the My Apps link at the top of the page.

To return to the Apps list select the My Apps link.

You’ll see a list of all the Facebook Apps you’ve created. Select the new App you’ve just created.

Select the Facebook App you just created from the list of Apps in your account.

Select the Settings link from the sidebar menu. On this screen you’ll need to complete the Namespace and Contact Email fields, then select the Save Changes button.

Configure your Apps Settings.

Step 3 – Publish the Facebook Application

Next select the App Review link in the sidebar menu. On this screen you’ll publish your App — if this step isn’t completed you’ll experience issues with the Facebook share functionality on your galleries.

You'll need to Publish your Facebook App before you can use it to share gallery images on Facebook.

Facebook will prompt you to confirm the Publish status of your App, select the Confirm button to proceed.

You'll be prompted to confirm the Publish status of your App.

Step 4 – Copy and Paste the Facebook Application ID

Finally, we can copy the App ID by selecting the Dashboard link from the sidebar menu. Copy the App ID from this screen:

Copy the Facebook App ID from the Dashboard view of your App.

Return to the Envira Gallery > Settings screen, under the Social tab you’ll paste the App ID you just copied into the Facebook Application ID field.

Paste the Facebook App ID into the Facebook Application ID field.

Lastly, select the Save button to finish connecting Envira to your Facebook App.

Save the App ID you pasted into the Facebook Application ID field to apply the changes.


Q: Do I need to create a Facebook Application and connect it to Envira?

A: Yes! If no Facebook Application ID is entered in the Social Addon’s settings tab then your galleries cannot be shared to Facebook using the Social Addon.

Q: I’ve added my Facebook Application ID but sharing to Facebook isn’t working, why?

A: You’ll want to be sure and check the following which are the most common causes of failed sharing to Facebook:

Confirm your Facebook Application is Published
This step is easy to overlook! If your Facebook Application is not yet published then shares to Facebook will fail. Follow these steps to publish your Facebook Application if it has not yet been published.

Check that the Site URL exactly matches the site your galleries are being shared from
It is vital that the Site URL entered for the Facebook Application exactly matches the site your galleries are being shared from. This includes whether your site uses www. before the domain name or not, and if it uses a subdomain.

You can check the exact setup of your site’s URL by visiting a gallery page on your site and viewing the url shown in the browser’s address bar.

Q: How can I change the name displayed in the top of the share on Facebook?

A: The name you’ve given your Facebook Application will appear in the Facebook share from your galleries. For example, the following shows that my Facebook Application is named “Envira Gallery Social Addon”:

The name of your Facebook Application will be visible in Facebook shares.

You can control what appears here by renaming your Facebook Application as desired.

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