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How To Activate Addons

The Envira Gallery plugin comes with quite a few built-in features that will help you get an image gallery up and running on your WordPress site. 

To help reduce complexity and plugin size, however, Envira decided to push some optional functionality from the plugin and into packages called “addons”. These addons help users customize their Envira Gallery plugin the way that they want without bloating the software. 

Not everyone needs to link their gallery to their Instagram account, for example, so Envira made that Instagram integration into a plugin. 

Here is a guide for installing, activating, and deactivating addons in Envira gallery. First, just make sure to install Envira Gallery and verify the Envira license key!

  1. What Are Addons?
  2. Addons Menu Item
  3. Install Addon
  4. Activate Addon
  5. Deactivate Addon (optional)
  6. FAQs

What Are Addons?

Addons are what the name implies — they are additions to the base Envira Gallery plugin that extend its functionality. Typically, addons add certain types of functions, including:

How to Install Addons

Installing addons is a straightforward process you can accomplish through the Envira Gallery Plugin interface in your WordPress dashboard.

Step 1: Addons Menu Item

First, log in to your WordPress site. From the WordPress menu on the left, select Envira Gallery » Addons:

Step 2: Install Addon

From the Addons screen, search for the Addon you want to install and press Return. The card for that addon, if available, will appear:

Click the Install button to install that addon:

The addons available with your specific license will appear available to install on this screen. If you’re looking for a specific addon that isn’t available, check that you have the required license for that addon.

Step 3: Activate Addon

Activating addons is as simple as installing them, and you do so from the same exact location. Before you activate an addon, however, you must have already installed it. 

Simply go to the addons page and find the card for your preferred addon. If the addon you want to activate has been installed, you should see an Activate button. Click it to set the Addon to activated:

Step 4: Deactivate Addon (optional)

The Activate button will turn into a Deactivate button. If you want to deactivate the Addon, then simply click the Deactivate button to disable that Addon:

Congratulations, you’ve finished installing and activating your addon(s)!

How to Use addons

Most addons run automatically once installed. If they provide additional features or integrate with a third-party service, there may be additional steps you need to take to use that particular addon. 

Make sure to consult with the Envira Gallery addons page to see how to use any specific addon.

You can learn more about how to use and configure your Addons on our website. And if you haven’t already, learn more about creating your first gallery while you’re at it.


Why do I get error messages when installing addons?

A: Some users run into problems when installing addons which might show up as error messages in the WordPress dashboard. 

Most often, this is due to a caching issue. You can clear your cache by performing the following actions:

  1. Click on Envira Gallery > Tools.
  2. On the Tools page, click on both Flush All Envira Cache and the Clear ALL Transients buttons:
  3. Refresh the page (optional). 
  4. Reach out to support if your problem persists. Or, install a plugin like Transients Manager plugin and once activated, from the WordPress menu on the left click Tools » Transients and click Delete All Transients to clear any cache.

Why don’t I see all the addons that should come with my license?

A: If you’ve updated to a new Envira Gallery tier but your addons aren’t showing up in the addons page, then this could also be a caching issue. Follow the steps above and see if the Addon appears as it should. If not, reach out to our support team.