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Protection Addon

Online protection for your images is one of the most important considerations for any photographer. Envira’s Protection Addon prevents against right-click downloading of your images, so you never have to worry about online image theft. We’ll walk you through how to use the Protection Addon to keep your images and galleries secure.

  • Any Envira license
  • WordPress 4.9+
  • Envira Gallery

In order to use the Protection Addon, you’ll first have to install and activate the addon. Follow our instructions on how to install and activate addons for help.

Remember, in this instance, you’ll be activating the Envira Protection¬†Addon.

To use the Protection Addon, you must first create a gallery or click to edit an exiting gallery. You can follow along with our documentation for creating your first gallery if you’re new to the plugin.

Once you’ve created a new Envira gallery, navigate to the Misc tab and click the Enable Image Protection? option to turn on image protection.

Now, visitors to your site won’t be able to copy or download images in Envira galleries or Lightbox.

The addon also gives you the ability to display a popup alert should a user attempt to copy or save an image. To turn this feature on, click to check the box next to the Enable Popup Alert? option, located below Enable Image Protection?.

When you do, a number of other options will appear, allowing you to customize the popup title, message and button text.

If you have the CSS Addon activated, you’ll also see the Custom Gallery CSS box below that offers the opportunity for further customization.

When you’re done, click Publish or Update on your gallery to save the changes.

That’s it! You’ve just disabled the right-clicking on your Envira gallery and Lightbox images.

See the demo!

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A: No, the addon can only protect images in Envira galleries, albums and Lightbox.

A: Yes, images protected by the Protection Addon are safe from copying and downloading on mobile devices and tablets as well.

A: Absolutely! The Envira Album Addon supports image protection. Simply enable it in the Misc tab.