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How to Verify Your Envira License

Congratulations on purchasing your Envira Gallery license! To receive automatic updates and install Addons from the WordPress Admin you’ll want to verify your license key.

Step 1 – Install and activate Envira Gallery

The first step is installing and activating the pro version of Envira Gallery. If you were previously using Envira Gallery Lite you’ll want to follow our guide for a walk-through of how to upgrade from Envira Gallery Lite to a paid license.

Step 2 – Navigate to the Settings Screen

To begin verifying your Envira Gallery license key, first navigate to the WordPress Admin » Envira Gallery » Settings screen.

Navigate to the Envira Gallery Settings screen to begin verifying your license key.

Here you’ll see a field where you can paste your license key.

Step 3 – Copy Your License Key

Next, log into your Envira Gallery account and you’ll find your license key displayed in the Overview tab. Go ahead and copy the full license key before returning to the admin of your site.

From your Envira Gallery account screen you can copy your license key.

Step 4 – Verify Your Envira Gallery License Key

In the admin of your site, paste your Envira Gallery license key in the field provided and select the Verify Key button.

After pasting your license key into the provided field, select the Verify Key button to proceed.

Once verified, this screen will show a success message confirming your license key is verified!

Congratulations! You'll see a success message appear once you've verified your license key.

Great, now that you’ve verified your license key you’ll want to get started creating your first Envira Gallery or installing Addons.


Q: Can I define the license key in my config.php file?

A: Yes! If you’re running a multisite installation and don’t want to input your license key on every site, you can add the following to your wp-config.php file:

define( 'ENVIRA_LICENSE_KEY', 'your_license_key' );

If the license key field in the WordPress Admin » Envira Gallery » Settings screen is left empty, Envira will check for the above wp-config.php constant.