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Pagination Addon

The Pagination Addon for Envira will allow you to easily break up your larger galleries into pages that will make it faster for loading your gallery images. We’ll walk you through the steps on how to create a paginated gallery using Envira’s Pagination Addon.

Please follow our instructions on how to install and activate addons.

In this instance, you’ll be activating the Envira Pagination Addon.

Your first step is to create a new gallery or edit an existing one. You can follow along with our documentation for creating your first gallery.

Navigate to the Pagination tab and configure the options there. Click the Enable Pagination? and continue through the remaining settings for your gallery.

You’ll be able to select the Pagination Type, how many Images per Page to show and much more.

Click on the Pagination tab to enable pagination for your gallery

Next, navigate to the Mobile tab, you’ll have some specific pagination options here as well.

Enable the pagination on the Mobile tab as well for the mobile viewing

Finally, click Publish or Update on your gallery to save the changes.

See the demo!

Would you like to style your pagination links? Check out our article on How to Style Pagination Links.

A: Yes! See our documentation on how to style pagination links to get started.

A: Check the Mobile tab options for your pagination and make sure your Images per Page? is not 0.

A: If you are using JetPack on your site and you want to use an Ajax pagination type, you’ll need to add a filter to your site to allow this by following this tutorial.

A: Absolutely! The Pagination tab is also available when creating or editing an Envira Album.

A: This is expected behavior when using Pagination and Random sorting option. The Pagination has no way of knowing what images were already displayed on Page 1, Page 2 etc. If you notice some images from page 1 are showing on page 2 simply update the gallery to make sure the Sorting isn’t set to Random.


1.7.12 (05-04-2022)

  • Fix: Resolved PHP notices and warnings.

1.7.11 (03-23-2022)

  • Fix: Resolved PHP warnings with Twenty Twenty-Two theme.

1.7.10 (07-01-2021)

  • Fix: Issue resolved when "On Pagination Click, Reloading Page" redirects to other page when gallery is added to page/post.

1.7.9 (05-26-2021)

  • Fix: Better compatibility with dynamic galleries and Pro theme.
  • Fix: Resolved issue related to Display All Images In Lightbox.

1.7.8 (04-28-2021)

  • Fix: Not showing pagination for galleries that do not need it in scenarios where there are multiple paged galleries on a single WordPress page.

1.7.7 (03-10-2021)

  • Fix: Resolved issue with Divi page builder.

1.7.6 (12-02-2020)

  • Fix: Resolved issue with Envira Dynamic Addon.

1.7.5 (09-16-2020)

  • Added: envira_pagination_handle_404 filter added.
  • Fix: Better compatibility with AMP (Google). (08-11-2020)

  • Fix: Resolved issue with WordPress 5.5 and lightbox issues with non-ajax pagination. (08-06-2020)

  • Fix: Resolved issue with pagination beyond page one in certain galleries.

1.7.4 (07-23-2020)

  • Fix: Resolved issue with WordPress 5.5 Beta.

1.7.3 (03-31-2020)

  • Fix: Minor bug fixes.

1.7.1 (12-17-2019)

  • Fix: Not loading next page issue (in some setups) resolved.
  • Fix: Resolved minor issues with Tags Addon.
  • Fix: Minor bug fixes.

1.7.0 (10-23-2019)

  • Fix: Captions now showing with Display All Images option turned on now resolved.

1.6.9 (10-01-2019)

  • Fix: Display All Images in Lightbox enabled should show proper images in pagination.
  • Fix: Issue involving clicking the "Next Page" should now load the next set of images in all themes.

1.6.8 (08-20-2019)

  • Fix: Display All Images in Lightbox ignores caption
  • Fix: Issue involving "display all images" and captions.

1.6.7 (07-09-2019)

  • Fix: Issue regarding "display all images" and captions.
  • Fix: Issue regarding where using the Pagination Type Reloading Page doesn't show the next set of images in certain scenarios. (06-04-2019)

  • Fix: Issue regarding images pulled from outside galleries into page resolved.

1.6.6 (06-04-2019)

  • Fix: Issues related to 'Display all Images' option and pagination.
  • Fix: No longer counting image drafts into page count formula.

1.6.5 (02-20-2019)

  • Fix: Album pagination improved.
  • Fix: Minor bug fixes.

1.6.4 (01-16-2019)

  • Fix: Duplication images under some setups with AJAX pagination resolved.
  • Fix: Better support for foreign characters in captions.
  • Fix: Minor bug fixes.

1.6.3 (10-16-2018)

  • Fix: Better compatability w/ Deeplinking Addon with "Display All Images" enabled.

1.6.2 (05-30-2018)

  • Fix: Minor bug fixes.

1.6.1 (05-01-2018)

  • Fix: Minor bug fixes.

1.5.3 (11-07-2017)

  • Fix: Caching on some servers preventing pagination to display
  • Fix: Compatibility with Albums
  • Fix: Minor bug fixes.

1.5.2 (10-23-2017)

  • Fix: Caching Issues
  • Fix: Minor bug fixes

1.5.1 (10-19-2017)

  • hotFix: Caching preventing Pagination Ajax from paginating

1.5.0 (10-18-2017)

  • Fix: Opacity issue when displaying all images
  • Fix: Compatibility with Albums ajax on click
  • Fix: Compatibility with Deeplinking
  • Fix: Printing and Download icon from not appearing
  • Fix: Minor bug fixes

1.4.2 (08-22-2017)

  • Fix: Minor Bug Fixes.

1.4.1 (08-08-2017)

  • Fixed: Pagination with random sorting
  • Fixed: Pagination with album sorting
  • Fixed: Mobile issue with lazy loading not displaying all images

1.4.0 (06-27-2017)

  • Fix: Minor bug fixes

1.3.9 (06-27-2017)

  • Fix: "Display All Images" bug fixed.
  • Fix: "On Scroll" activates next set even if content isnt big enough to provide scroll bars.
  • Fix: "Display All Images" in lightbox no longer ignores the lightbox image selection.
  • Fix: Better compatibility with Instagram addon.

1.3.8 (05-16-2017)

  • Fix: Minor Bug Fixes.

1.3.7 (04-13-2017)

  • Fix: Minor Bug Fixes.

1.3.6 (04-04-2017)

  • Fix: Minor Bug Fixes.

1.3.5 (03-08-2017)

  • Fix: Cases where Pagination disappears.

1.3.4 (02-17-2017)

  • Fix: HTTP_Refereer causing pagination from not appearing

1.3.3 (02-15-2017)

  • Fix: Remove Load more button if no more images
  • Fix: Albums reloading page
  • Fix: Minor Bug Fixes

1.3.2 (01-01-2017)

  • Fix: Minor bug fixes

1.3.1 (01-19-2017)

  • Fix: JS errors.
  • Fix: Minor bug fixes

1.3.0 (2017-01-10)

  • Fix: Minor bug fixes
  • Update: Compatibility with Social (2016-12-16)

  • Fix: JS errors (2016-12-08)

  • Added: Option for showing prev/next or numbered pagination
  • Added: Option button for ajax loading.
  • Fix: Envira Dynamic compatibility
  • Fix: JS errors (2016-11-07)

  • Fix: Issues with Albums addon.
  • Fix: Various minor bugs. (2016-11-03)

  • Fix: Various minor bugs.

1.2.9 (2016-10-04)

  • Fix: Fixed AJAX issues when order was set to random and "display all images" in lightbox selected.

1.2.8 (2016-09-16)

  • Fix: Fixed duplicated images in certain cases where AJAX scrolling was enabled with automattic layout galleries.
  • Fix: JS errors resolved when automattic and AJAX scrolling were used in certain circumstances.

1.2.6 (2016-08-04)

  • Fix: Lightbox functionality improved beyond page one w/ AJAX navigation.
  • Fix: Prevent thumbnail overlap on lazy load under certain conditions.

1.2.4 (2016-06-30)

  • Fix: AJAX navigation should now properly show for top, bottom, and top/bottom settings.

1.2.3 (2016-05-19)

  • Fix: Prevent potential collisions with third party Plugins and Themes using different versions of the imagesLoaded library

1.2.2 (2016-05-12)

  • Fix: Reload Isotope layout on AJAX scroll, as each image successfully loads
  • Fix: Reinitialize Isotope on AJAX pagination

1.2.1 (2016-05-05)

  • Updated: Standardised edit screen titles and descriptions
  • Updated: Spanish translation

1.2.0 (2016-04-28)

  • Added: Hide pagination automatically when lazy load and Javascript is enabled.
  • Added: Option to load images via AJAX on pagination click (instead of reloading entire page/post/gallery)
  • Added: Option to display all Gallery images in Lightbox, regardless of how many Gallery images are displayed on a page.
  • Added: Option to define number of images per page on mobile
  • Added: Option to show/hide previous/next links on mobile
  • Added: envira_pagination_lazy_load_completed and envira_pagination_lazy_load_error jQuery events, which are fired on AJAX / lazy load completion or error.

1.1.6 (2016-04-21)

  • Updated: Spanish translation

1.1.5 (2016-03-31)

  • Added: Documentation and Video Help Links

1.1.4 (2016-03-10)

  • Fix: Pagination on multiple Dynamic based Galleries embedded into a single Page previously did not work

1.1.3 (2016-03-03)

  • Added: Option to append paginated pages of images to the gallery when the user scrolls to the pagination (i.e. AJAX loading / lazy loading; requires Envira Gallery
  • Added: Option to append paginated pages of galleries to the album when the user scrolls to the pagination (i.e. AJAX loading / lazy loading; requires Envira Albums
  • Fix: Album Pagination wrongly inheriting Gallery Pagination configuration; albums have their own configuration options
  • Updated: Spanish Translations

1.1.2 (2016-01-28)

  • Fixed: Pagination on a single Gallery when multiple Galleries on a single Page
  • Fixed: Pagination on a single Album when multiple Albums on a single Page

1.1.1 (2015-12-10)

  • Updated: Spanish Translation

1.1.0 (2015-11-26)

  • Added: Spanish translation.


  • Fix: Prevent browser validation errors when pagination disabled and other field(s) may have invalid values, which would prevent the gallery from being saveable.


  • Added: Scroll to Gallery/Album option to add anchor to pagination URLs


  • Added: Arguments to envira_pagination_link_args to allow developers to better filter pagination arguments


  • Fix: PHP warning when previewing a Gallery or Album


  • Added: Ability to paginate tag based Galleries (requires Tags Addon 1.1.1 or higher)


  • Added: rel links for prev/next.


  • Added: Display pagination above images, below images or both.


  • Fix: Undefined index error for pagination_rev_next when WP_DEBUG enabled.


  • Initial release of the addon.