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Display Image Captions Below Thumbnails

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Envira makes it easy to enable captions to appear below your images. Follow this guide to show captions below your gallery images.

  1. Configure
  2. FAQs


First, edit your gallery and click on the Config tab to enable the Caption to show under each image:

Click the checkbox next to the Caption and click Update to save the changes to the gallery.


Q: Why don’t I see the checkbox to show my caption?

A: Please make sure you have selected a column layout from the Number of Gallery Columns in the dropdown. When the Automatic gallery is selected, the option to show the Title or Caption checkbox will not appear.
gallery config tab - number of gallery columns

Q: Can I customize how the caption looks?

A: Absolutely! Using some CSS we can change how the caption appears. Let’s add some styling to those captions┬áto really make them pop. I’m going to add the following to my individual gallery’s Custom CSS field (using the CSS Addon):

#envira-gallery-wrap-190 span.envira-caption {
    line-height: 1.2em !important;
    padding: 5px 0;
    color: #6b6b6b;

Now you can see the caption is more visually pleasing and provides some space between thumbnail images.

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