Breadcrumbs Addon

Envira Gallery Album Breadcrumbs for WordPress allows you to add breadcrumb navigation links to your WordPress galleries allowing your users to easily browse through your albums.

Want to add breadcrumb navigation to your WordPress galleries and albums?

Envira Gallery’s Breadcrumbs addon (now merged with the Albums Addon) allows you to add breadcrumb navigation on galleries accessed from an Album.

Breadcrumb navigation is a term used to describe a hierarchical navigation menu presented as a trail of links.


Once enabled, viewing your albums gallery will then show the breadcrumbs above the gallery images.

The purpose of breadcrumb navigation is to help users easily navigate around your galleries and albums. It also helps search engines understand the hierarchy of links on a web page.

If you’re using the popular Yoast SEO plugin, then Envira Breadcrumbs also give you the option to use Yoast Breadcrumbs instead of ours.

You can choose your breadcrumb separator and even customize the appearance of your breadcrumb navigation using CSS selectors.

We took the pain out of creating WordPress galleries and made it easy.

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