Image Licensing Addon

The Image Licensing feature makes it easy to add licensing information to your galleries and let visitors know exactly how they can use your work.

Do you want to protect your creative work and control how it’s used? Envira Gallery’s Image Licensing feature lets you easily add licensing terms to your galleries to safeguard your copyright and inform visitors about usage rights.

Setting up image licensing takes just seconds. Simply enable the feature, enter an optional author/creator name, select your license type, and hit save. The license will automatically display below all galleries and albums on your site. It’s that easy!

You can select from a variety of common license types that specify whether commercial use, adaptation, or redistribution under a different license is permitted. Easily choose the license that best fits your needs and preferences.

Adding licensing instantly communicates your professionalism and dedication to protecting your work. Showcase your chosen license with pride and let visitors clearly see your usage terms.

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