Schedule Addon

Want to display images at certain times? With Envira Gallery, you can schedule gallery images or entire galleries and albums for specific time intervals.

Do you want to display your images, galleries, or albums for a specific period of time?

With the Envira Gallery Schedule addon, scheduling your images is easy.

Now you can automatically schedule individual images, whole galleries, and even albums to be displayed at specific time intervals.

The interface for scheduling your galleries is as easy as checking a box and entering your start and end times.

The Schedule addon is perfect for highlighting time-sensitive images such as:

  • seasonal images
  • holiday sales
  • featured specials
  • contests and giveaways
  • …and more

No need to wake up at odd hours to disable a gallery. Just use our Schedule addon to automatically schedule galleries in WordPress.

What are you waiting for?

Get started with Envira Gallery today and implement gallery scheduling in WordPress now.

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