Envira Gallery for Nonprofit Organizations

We’re happy to offer special discounted licenses to nonprofit organizations.

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We’re here to help our customers succeed, including nonprofit organizations.

We know many nonprofit organizations work tirelessly every day to add more good to the world. So thank you for being a hero and fighting for your organization’s mission.

If your nonprofit needs to create beautiful galleries to display on your website then we’d like to offer a generous discount on two of our most powerful plans:

Envira Gallery Plus at $48.65
Envira Gallery Pro at $69.65

65% off of normal pricing!

We care about making sure all nonprofits can easily access the most powerful and user-friendly WordPress galleries. With Envira Gallery, you’ve got everything you need to rock your cause!

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First, we’ll need you to fill out a short application to be sure your organization qualifies for the special nonprofit discount.

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FAQs on Envira Gallery for Nonprofits

To help answer any questions you might have about the Envira Gallery nonprofit discount, we’ve put together this FAQ.

How can I use Envira Gallery in my organization?

Envira Gallery makes it simple to display image galleries across your site. Show off your organization’s mission, advertise upcoming and past events, or even sell your images with our WooCommerce addon!

What’s the difference between a regular license and a nonprofit license?

The only difference is the cost of the license! You can use all the same features and addons included with a normal license level to create powerful galleries. You can compare features and licenses on our pricing page.

What if I have more questions before getting my nonprofit license?

No problem! Fill out the application above with any additional questions and our team will be happy to help.