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With a large and ever increasing selection of Addons, you can make Envira do incredible things at a fraction of the cost and time. Make Envira go fullscreen, turn the lightbox into a slideshow, give your images deeplinking capabilities or utilize custom themes. You can even make Albums or sell your photos – Envira knows no bounds.

Envira is the best mobile ready responsive WordPress gallery plugin.

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Envira Gallery is the best responsive WordPress gallery plugin. Here are the features that make Envira Gallery the most powerful and user-friendly WordPress gallery plugin in the market.

Drag & Drop Builder

Easily create beautiful photo and video galleries with just a few clicks.

Gallery Templates

Use our pre-built templates to customize the appearance of your gallery.

Responsive Mobile Friendly

Build responsive WordPress galleries that work on mobile, tablet and desktop devices.

Albums Addon

Organize your galleries in Albums, choose cover photos and more.

Social Sharing Addon

Allows users to share photos via email, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and WhatsApp.

Videos Addon

Not just for photos! Embed YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia, DailyMotion, Twitch, VideoPress, and self-hosted videos in your gallery.

Watermarking Addon

Easily add watermarks to your images to improve protection.

Slideshow Addon

Enable slideshows for your galleries, controls autoplay settings and more.

Deeplinking Addon

Make your gallery SEO friendly and easily link to images with deeplinking.

Pagination Addon

Split your gallery in multiple pages to improve load time and user experience.

Proofing Addon

Client image proofing made easy for your photography business.

WooCommerce Addon

Instantly display and sell your photos with our native WooCommerce integration.

Tags Addon

Tag your images for better organization and gallery display.

Password Protection Addon

Add password protection to prevent unauthorized access to your galleries.

Standalone Galleries

Create independent galleries that are not tied to your posts or pages.

EXIF Addon

Display EXIF data including camera model, aperture, shutter speed, etc.

Pinterest Addon

Add the coveted Pinterest Pin It button to your images for easy sharing.

Instagram Addon

Easily import your images from Instagram into your WordPress gallery.

Dropbox Importer Addon

Easily import photos from your Dropbox account into your WordPress gallery.

NextGEN Importer Addon

Want to switch from NextGen Gallery? You can do that in a few easy clicks.

Fullscreen Addon

Take advantage of native fullscreen gallery and lightbox display.

Supersize Lightbox Images

Don't want to crop or resize images? No problem. You can display full image dimensions.

Dynamic Addon

Dynamically create galleries on the fly from various different sources.

Defaults Addon

Speed up the gallery creation process by saving your default settings.

CSS Addon

Customize your gallery by adding custom CSS and styles.

Zoom Addon

Adds zoom functionality to images in your gallery to allow up close browsing.

ZIP Importer Addon

Easily import photos from a .zip file into your WordPress gallery.

Schedule Addon

Schedule gallery images, or entire galleries and albums for specific time intervals.

Downloads Addon

Allow users to download images from your galleries.

Printing Addon

Allow visitors to easily print photos from your WordPress image gallery.

Breadcrumbs Addon

Add breadcrumb navigation links to your WordPress galleries and albums.

Protection Addon

Prevent visitors from downloading your images without permission.

Lightroom Addon

Automatically create & sync photo galleries from your Adobe Lightroom collections.

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Upgrade To Unleash the Power of Envira

Pricing starts at just $29... What are you waiting for?

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