EXIF Addon

The EXIF Addon for Envira Gallery allows you to display EXIF metadata in your galleries and lightbox images.

Do you want to display EXIF data on your WordPress gallery images?

The EXIF Addon for Envira Gallery adds EXIF metadata support to your WordPress galleries and lightbox images.

With this addon, you can display all the goodness from your shots. You can setup new manufacturers as taxonomies and even build custom gallery queries based on that with the Dynamic Addon.

We currently support all the common EXIF data, including camera make/model, aperture and shutter speed.

You can display these in both the gallery and lightbox images from the Config settings for your gallery.

You can view an example of the EXIF addon output in the gallery below, and you can view the documentation for the Exif Addon here.

View our demo of Envira’s EXIF Addon!

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