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Make Your Galleries Even More Attractive With New Lightbox Themes

New updates to the Gallery themes Addon for Envira Gallery give you even more customization over your galleries. We’ve released four brand new Lightbox themes that allow you to make your galleries even more attractive for your visitors. Inside the Lightbox tab, you’ll find the new Lightbox themes as well as all of the options […]

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How to Enable Lightbox for Photo Albums in WordPress

Do you want to add a lightbox effect for image galleries in your photo album? Having lightbox enabled will help your visitors to better view the photos in your albums. In this tutorial, we will share how to enable lightbox for photo albums in WordPress. Albums are collections of separate photo galleries. With a lightbox […]

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How to Change Lightbox Background Color in WordPress

Do you want to change the background color for your lightbox photo galleries? Sometimes you want to customize the look to match the design of your website. In this tutorial, we will share how to change lightbox background color in WordPress. By default, WordPress image galleries don’t have a lightbox feature, so there is no […]

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