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New Lightbox Released

The wait is over loyal Envira Gallery users. The new update is here! But what does that mean for you? Sit down, buckle up, and we’ll walk you through the new features you can expect. What Does the new Lightbox Update Hold in Store? This new Lightbox framework allows for easy loading and better control […]

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Security for WordPress Sites: Moving from HTTP to HTTPS

Google announced a while ago that it’s now using security as a ranking factor. For now, this is relatively small and affects less than 1% of global queries. However, that doesn’t mean that companies using WordPress shouldn’t think about transforming their security strategy. Learning how to convert your website from an HTTP solution to HTTPS […]

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Introducing the New Envira Gallery Schedule Addon

Have you ever wanted to display an image, gallery, or whole album for a limited time only? Whether your gallery features seasonal images, holiday sales, contests or giveaways, or other limited-time images, it’s a hassle to have to turn them on and off at the right time. With the new Envira Gallery Schedule Addon, scheduling […]

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