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Security for WordPress Sites: Moving from HTTP to HTTPS

Google announced a while ago that it’s now using security as a ranking factor. For now, this is relatively small and affects less than 1% of global queries. However, that doesn’t mean that companies using WordPress shouldn’t think about transforming their security strategy. Learning how to convert your website from an HTTP solution to HTTPS […]

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Introducing the New Envira Gallery Schedule Addon

Have you ever wanted to display an image, gallery, or whole album for a limited time only? Whether your gallery features seasonal images, holiday sales, contests or giveaways, or other limited-time images, it’s a hassle to have to turn them on and off at the right time. With the new Envira Gallery Schedule Addon, scheduling […]

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New and Improved Social Sharing: Save Time & Boost Engagement

Today we’re excited to announce some improvements to our Social Sharing addon. We’ve added a bunch of options that will help you save time, reach a wider audience, and boost engagement on social media. We’ve also improved our Automatic Layout option to drastically speed up your gallery load times. Here are the details. Improved Social […]

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