Animations Addon

The Animations Addon offers 50+ animation styles to help you keep visitors engaged with your photos and add creative flair to your galleries.

Do you want to add engaging visuals to your gallery images? Envira Gallery’s Animations addon let’s you easily animate the photos in your gallery to add personal flair and keep users hooked.

The addon offers 50+ pre-built animations including popular styles like fade-in, slide-in, roll-in, bounce-in, and more. You can specify which direction the animation moves in, which axis it turn on, and where the photo comes from such as left, right, up, or down.

The addon also gives you complete control over animation duration, delay, and display triggers. For example, you could exclude animations on small screens or delay the animation’s start until users have been on the page for a specific amount of time.

You can add animations on a per gallery basis and even customize different animations to use on pagination. For instance, if you have a big gallery with multiple pages, you might want to use a bigger animation like an image flip or roll to grab users’ attention right off the bat. Then, you could trigger a softer effect, like a fade-in, when users click the next page in your gallery.

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