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New Direction

Envira Gallery has a New Leader and an Even Brighter Future

by Syed Balkhi on Jan 2, 2018

Today, we are excited to announce that Envira Gallery and our slider plugin, Soliloquy, has a new leader / owner.

One of the “problems” of a fast growing business is that you have to carefully choose what to focus on. At Awesome Motive, the majority of our focus in 2017 went on our growth tools including: OptinMonster, WPForms, and MonsterInsights.

This caused us to severely neglect Envira and Soliloquy which I believe is not fair to our community of loyal users (you) who have supported us all these years.

We started Envira Gallery with a mission to make the best WordPress gallery plugin, and we realized that with our focus on growth tools, we were holding it back and preventing it from reaching its maximum potential.

This is why we’re very happy to have found a new leader in Nathan who shares the same value as us in building a customer centric product and company.

Meet the new Owner (Nathan Singh)

Nathan is an accomplished entrepreneur based out of Houston, Texas. He attended the University of Florida (my alma mater) and spent the earlier days of his career at Boeing as a Software Systems Engineer.

He created Inkless Ideas, the company behind the popular mobile app, Scripts Pro, which was acquired in 2014. His last venture OrdersIn, a white-label eCommerce platform for restaurants and retailers, was acquired in March 2017.

Nathan wanted to enter the WordPress ecosystem and help take a quality product to the next level, which made the Envira and Soliloquy plugins a nice fit.

What will happen to the Envira / Soliloquy team?

The team leaders Chris Kelley (lead developer) and David Bisset along with our friendly support team Barbi and James will be joining Nathan in helping Envira reach its maximum potential.

Thomas and I (Syed) will be part of the transition period, and we will continue to advise Nathan going forward (as needed).

What does this acquisition mean for existing users?

You will continue to receive great support from the same team and even more product updates under the new leadership going forward.

Your subscription and service will stay as-is without any interruption.

With the operational experience Nathan and the team have, they’ll be adding new features and improvements to Envira & Soliloquy in the near future. I have no doubt in my mind that their attention and love will lead to a far better plugin, very quickly.

A nostalgic moment

While we’re very happy about this decision to give the plugin a new home and a leader who’ll give it the love / attention it needs, this is also a very nostalgic moment.

Soliloquy and Envira were Thomas’ very first plugins. These were our flagship products even before OptinMonster, WPForms, and MonsterInsights. They’ve been with us for a very long time, but we trust Nathan and the team will take it to even greater heights.

The feeling is similar to having your kid go to college so they can reach new levels of success. Even though my son is only 14 months old, I can imagine that this is probably what it would feel like when he does go to college.

We want to thank Nathan for making this tough decision easier. Knowing that he’ll be focused on building a customer centric product & company really made it easier to decide to do what’s right.

What’s Next for Me and Thomas?

Our first priority is to do everything that we can to support Nathan and the team during this transition.

Over the last year, the Envira team has operated fairly independently without much oversight from Thomas and I. This makes the transition a lot easier because the entire team is staying with Nathan.

We will continue to support Envira from the sidelines through our tweets, articles in WPBeginner, and in any other way that we can.

As to what’s next for us professionally, we will double-down on our efforts towards building a growth platform that helps small businesses grow and compete with the big guys.

What’s Next for Envira?

Lots of exciting things are coming your way.

Nathan has the heart, the smarts, and the dedication to take Envira Gallery to the next level. Both Thomas and I are excited to watch the next chapter unfold (although this time, in a supportive role).

Under Nathan’s leadership, Envira and Soliloquy won’t be the exact same as it was under our direction, but that’s a good thing.

It’ll be different, and they will be better. If I didn’t believe this, we wouldn’t be making this change.

Here are some of the exciting new features coming your way:

  • Envira Links – This will allow you to launch your gallery slideshows from a simple link.
  • Fancybox 3 – this new lightbox framework will allow us to make better themes and layouts.
  • Faster Watermarks – We are moving watermarks into our robust background processing class which will significantly boost performance.
  • And a lot more under the hood changes.

Building Envira and Soliloquy has been a life changing experience for both Thomas and I, and we are truly grateful for your support. We are excited to see these products reach the next level under Nathan’s leadership.

If you have any questions about your Envira account, please email help@enviragallery.com and we’ll get right back to you.


  1. Hi

    I was feeling that something important was happening for Envira, hoping that it was not the end. Why this feeling? See below.

    On the very POSITIVE side, as a professional wedding photographer delivering 500 photos every week, Envira is the ONLY gallery that can be easily coupled with WooCommerce for selling prints, while maintaining very nice photos shows, and I have tested, sometimes bought, nearly every exiting software. When you deliver 500 photos every week, showing and easily selling photos is critical. So thumbs up for this.

    On the very NEGATIVE side, Envira developments are not driven in a professional frame. By professional frame, I mean for example non regression procedures for avoiding the unbelievable number of new bugs on every update, or the possibility of rolling back to previous versions when you are hit such new bugs. I find quite incredible that previous versions are not available to paying customers 🙁

    So why my feeling about this evolution? Because last version that was delivered on 2017 november 7, nearly 2 months ago, is fully broken for WooCommerce. I have immediately opened a ticket, this ticket is still opened.
    So I was wondering if I was the only user on earth of Envira with WooCommerce!!!
    Happily, I had backups of my website with the previous version of Envira plugins…

    2 months without critical bugs correction was the sign of something important happening, either the end, either a transformation.

    During my emails exchanges with James about these bugs, I had a strong suggestion for Envira WooCommerce plugin: put the real photo that is bought in the basket and not the one of the ” WooCommerce product” one. It will allow customers to check their basket with the photos they are buying, and not by photo numbers. When my customers buy dozen of my wedding photos prints, it will improve their purchase experience, and will push them to buy more photos 🙂

    Kind regards

    1. Hi Thierry,

      Thanks for your comment and your continued support. We’re in the process of rolling out a large update which will add many improvements and great new features to Envira (more on that to come).

      As you mentioned, we’re taking the time to test the release thoroughly and minimize the number of bugs the best we can.

      Regarding backups, the dev team can assist with rolling back versions in the future if needed.

      Regarding your ticket, your issue has been resolved and will be included in the next bug release out shortly. Again, sorry for the delay on that.

      Thanks again for using Envira Gallery, keep the feedback coming and I look forward to seeing your business grow with our software.


  2. Hi

    Bad habits are hard to change. Envira gallery 1.8 that was on line today breaks mobiles websites. Back to Envira gallery 1.7.3 make mobiles website OK…

    Bis repetita
    Hello developers!! When will you setup a non regression process, with dozens of configurations, with ALL your plugins together, with automated screen copies to check that all is OK before delivering software to paying customers!?


    1. Hi Thierry 🙂 So far as what we’ve seen with some users is that once the cache is cleared on the gallery everything is working as expected on desktop and mobile. I’ll be responding to your support ticket this morning. We do strive for excellence but unfortunately have no control over cache.

  3. I updated one of my galleries to 1.8.3 recently. This was because for some reason I was not getting the option to include captions or titles below the images in the gallery. Updating the plugin solved that problem but threw up a number of other behaviours, including:

    1. I can no longer get the caption to show in the lightbox. I see this as a very important facility. I write a caption, enable the caption in the lightbox, and then simply get ‘…’ as the caption in the lightbox.

    2. The lightbox images show up in thumbnail size, even though your lightbox instructions clearly say: “Default will display the original, full size image,” and of course it’s worked just fine using default in the past. Well, it doesn’t now. You seem to have introduced a new option in the lightbox, “Enable Lightbox Supersize?” It seems that by enabling this, I can get lightbox images to fill the lightbox; is this how we are supposed to configure the lightbox going forward, and if so, should we not be told?

    3. Thumbnails in lightbox view are no longer in a single scrolling line, but appear in a block showing all thumbnails. This is pretty inconvenient when you have a large gallery, and plain stupid when you are looking at a mobile gallery. I see that you have introduced a toggle button which a viewer can use to enable/disable thumbnails, and you trumpet that as giving the user more control – but I have to say it’s not that obvious, and I would find a single scrollable line more useful every time.

    I currently have a support ticket open with Barbi for the captions-in-lightbox problem.

    Meanwhile I have had to go through EVERY gallery on this site, and do the following: enable supersize images in lightbox; and disable thumbnails in the lightbox for mobile devices (not that I wanted to).

    I shall certainly not update my Envira Gallery version for any of the other sites which employ Envira Gallery.

    I also have a problem with adding Envira Gallery to any new sites if the version I upload has these issues.

    Would be glad of your comments.

    1. Hi Robert 🙂

      I apologize, I did respond to your support ticket and as I mentioned in my reply, I was unable to reproduce that issue after updating WordPress to the latest version and clearing all the cache. If you didn’t receive my response, I can resend the ticket to you. Actually I’ll do that anyway to make sure you’ve received it. You can also check your spam folder in case my response ended up there. 🙂

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