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Free Image Sources to Use for your Website and Blog

Using your own photos on a website or blog may be the most effective, it’s not always the easiest. Finding free images sources to use for your website or blog isn’t easy if you don’t know where to look. Because of that, a lot of new web designers and content publishers will (mistakenly) head over […]

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How to Create Photo Galleries for the Web

You finished your photoshoot and you’re asked if the images will be available online. “Sure, how hard can it be?” Creating photo galleries for the web can be easy, if you know what to do. For a photographer, the quality of the photoshoot is the most important aspect of their job, along with proper editing and your […]

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5 Tips for Creating a Photography Website

As a photographer, your website is your business card and portfolio. In the digital world, you no longer need to hand out little pieces of cardstock or lug notebooks, or even tablets filled with samples of your work — instead, you need a photography website. Your website can serve that function, demonstrating your work, showcasing […]

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How to Optimize Your WordPress Images for SEO

It’s not enough to just post your images to WordPress; you also need to optimize your images for SEO. You see, today’s “new” gallery is no longer just physical art galleries or mini-museums in big cities. The new galleries are also found on websites and blogs. No longer do people walk into a building, drink […]

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Password Protection Addon

Are you a photographer who wants to password protect your client’s gallery? Or are you a business who wants to have an album for internal use only? Envira Gallery now gives password protection to everyone with a Plus License or higher. This addon is different from the Protection Addon. While the Protection Addon keeps users from downloading […]

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The Best Responsive WordPress Gallery Just Got Better

Envira Gallery has proven to be the best responsive WordPress gallery available, and with the latest releases, it just got even better! Make sure you update to the Envira 1.2.1 release to get all of these new features! Envira Post Types — Background Work for Envira’s Other Updates The first thing you may notice is Envira […]

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