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What is the Best Image Gallery for Visual Composer?

Visual Composer was the first plugin to appear on WordPress, specifically designed to build pages and support plugins or extensions. Ever since it was created back in 2011, Visual Composer has been growing rapidly in popularity, earning the attention of designers, photographers, and everyday website builders alike. After all, to make your business really stand […]

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How to Add Caption Below Images in WordPress

Do you want to display a caption below your images? A caption is an amazing way to help your visitors understand what the image is about. In this tutorial, we will share how to add caption below images in WordPress. By default, you can add captions to images and galleries in WordPress. Though these captions […]

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How to Add Multiple Galleries in WordPress Posts and Pages

Do you want to create multiple image galleries for your site? Most of the photographers need different galleries to display photos from various clients and events. In this tutorial, we will share how to add multiple galleries in WordPress posts and pages. By default, you can’t add multiple photo galleries on posts and pages. The […]

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How to Create a WordPress Gallery With Category Filter

Do you want to create an image gallery with categories? You may need to add the filters to your images and display them accordingly with the given tag. In this tutorial, we will share how to create a WordPress gallery with category filter. By default, the WordPress image gallery has no option to display filters […]

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How to Add Space Between Images In WordPress Galleries

Do you want to add margin between the photos of your image gallery? Space between the images look beautiful, and the visitors can differentiate among photos. In this tutorial, we will share how to add space between images in your WordPress galleries. By default, WordPress sets the spacing between photos according to the number of […]

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