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Change Image Crop Position

Would you like to change the crop position of your images for each individual gallery? With Envira this is as easy as 1, 2 3! Follow along with our docs below to easily change the crop position per gallery.

  1. Configure the gallery crop settings
  2. Defining the crop settings
  3. Updating the gallery
  4. FAQs

Configure the gallery crop settings

The first step will be to either edit an existing gallery or create a new gallery. On the Config Tab, you’ll see a setting called Crop Images?.

This setting allows you to tell Envira what image size the image should be cropped to using the Crop Position from the next step.

Defining the crop settings

From the Crop Position dropdown, there are a list of crop positions to choose from. Here are the definitions for what each crop position means. Choose a cropping setting for you gallery from the choices below.

Center – Image is cropped from Center (vertical) and Center (horizontal) positions
Top Left – Image is cropped from the Top then Left position
Top Right – Image is cropped from the Top then Right position
Bottom Left – Image is cropped from the Bottom then Left position
Bottom Right – Image is cropped from the Bottom then Right position

Updating the gallery

Your final step is to click Update on the gallery to save the changes. A background process will begin and your new images will be created. There may be a slight delay in populating the gallery with the new image size.

And that’s all you need to change your cropping position for your gallery images. If you’d like to find out more about working with images, check out our article on Changing the Image Quality.


Q: Why can’t I see the checkbox to enable cropping for my gallery?

A: Please check your Config Tab. Make sure you have selected the Default from the Image Size dropdown. When you select a pre-determined image size from the dropdown, this pulls from the image sizes your theme (and any other plugins) as well as the image sizes set in WordPress Admin » Settings » Media, so you must use the Default as the image size if you wish to use Envira’s cropped images.

Check for the default image size on the Config Tab