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How to use Envira’s Tools Section

This tutorial will walk you through what the options on the Envira Gallery Tools section are and how best to use them. We’ll walk you through each option! There are 2 tabs under the Tools section and we’ll go through what each tab means and does.

The Tools Section of Envira is a handy tool that can help you when working with your galleries.

Envira Tools Section

Under the Tools tab you’ll see the following available options.

The Fix Broken Migration option will correct any broken links and this includes if you’ve recently had an SSL installed on your site. So if your site was previously test.mysite.com and is now mysite.com, this button will correct those image links for you.

You can choose to fix specific galleries or choose to fix all galleries.

Clearing the Envira cache (or transients) is sometimes necessary if the caching plugin your using doesn’t always completely clear all cache or the server side caching.

Flush All Envira Cache to clear any Envira cache or you can click the Clear ALL Transients to flush all site cache completely.

This section you can also turn on or off the Envira Cache.

When you click the Clear Envira Specific Options will flush any cache related to installing the addons or verifying the license key.

If you have any trouble with installing addons, clicking this button could help!

The System Status tab is a tab that pulls specific information about your server configuration. This is particularly important to include when requesting support.

You can also review our debugging guide before submitting a support request.