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Instagram API Changes

Instagram has provided a popular API (“Instagram Legacy API”) that has allowed developers to add functionality to their apps and plugins, including the Envira Gallery Instagram addon. However, Instagram has decided that on March 31st, 2020, that API will no longer be available to developers and has provided a new API to transition to.

Because of this, we are asking all Envira Gallery users who are using the Instagram addon (1.4.6 or older) to make sure to upgrade to the 1.5 version. This version is still being internally tested and is not yet available to the public — but the roadmap is for this to be published in the coming weeks. This new addon has the new Instagram API and will function as long as Instagram supports it for the foreseeable future. The requirements for the Instagram addon 1.5.0 are posted here along with our general documentation on the addon.

If you do not upgrade to version 1.5.0 before March 31, 2020, your Instagram galleries will no longer function.


Please follow our instructions on how to install and activate addons.

After Upgrading

You will need to re-authenticiate with Instagram once you upgrade to version 1.5.0. Our Instagram documentation page can remind you how to do this.