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Schedule Addon

Do you have images in your gallery that you would like to show / hide on a certain date or even a certain time of day? With Envira Gallery’s Schedule Addon you can easily schedule your gallery as a whole or just individual images to show or hide with the click of a few buttons based on a recurring date each year or a certain time of day from a date range. Keep reading to find out more about Envira’s Schedule Addon.



Please follow our instructions on how to install and activate addons.

In this instance, you’ll be activating the Envira Schedule Addon.


When creating your scheduled gallery, first you will need to create a new gallery or edit any existing gallery.

Once you are inside your gallery’s edit page, click the Schedule Tab so that you can enable the Schedule Addon for this gallery.

Navigate to the Schedule tab to enable the Schedule Addon for your gallery

Next you will need to tell the gallery what the schedule date range for this particular gallery is.

  • Enable Scheduling?Enables or disables scheduling for the gallery.
  • Current Server TimeThe Start Date / Time and End Date / Time are compared to the above Current Server Time.
  • Start DateSets the start date for the gallery.
  • End DateSets the end date for the gallery.

The first thing you’ll notice is that Envira is giving you the current date and time from your server. This comes in very handy if your local time doesn’t match the server time. If your Current Server Time is incorrect, go over to Settings » General to check that your timezone set is correctly.

By clicking the Start Date or the End Date text box it will open up a calendar view that gives you the ability to choose a date and time. You can also choose Now and it will automatically pull your computer’s local date and time and populate the field.

Set the date range that Envira will use for you scheduled gallery

If you just wanted to have your gallery display the images and then expire with just these settings you’re all set. Just setting a Start Date and an End Date on the Schedule Tab is enough to schedule the entire gallery.

But for this example, we want to take it one step further. We want to hide a few of the images based on a certain time of day. In the next section we’re going to cover how to do just that.

Not only do you have the option to schedule the entire gallery, you also have the option to schedule each individual image in this gallery. To schedule images individually click the blue pencil icon to open the Edit Metadata screen.

click the edit button to edit each image individually

Once inside the Edit Metadata screen, you can see you have more settings for the scheduling of your individual gallery images.

Edit image to schedule the gallery image

  • Schedule Image?Enables or disables scheduling for this gallery image.
  • Start DateDate this image should begin displaying within the gallery.
  • End DateDate this image should stop displaying within the gallery.
  • Ignore Date?If enabled, schedule Start and End Dates will ignore the date and default to the time specified. Enable this option to display slide at a recurring time each day.
  • Ignore Year?If enabled, schedule Start and End Dates will ignore the year and default to the date and time specified. Enable this option to display slide at a recurring date / time each year.

For this example, we want to schedule an image that will show and hide for a particular time of day (everyday).

First, we will start by enabling the Schedule Image? for the image. If this isn’t checked, the image will use the scheduled date and time from the Schedule Tab.

Next, we will need to set a start and end date and time for the image. Click inside the box for the Start Date to set the date and time when the image should display.

When you click inside either box for the Start Date and End Date, it will open a calendar pop up for you to select the date and the time.

Schedule Addon - Calendar Popup

Next you’ll need to repeat the process by setting an end date and time for the image so Envira will know when the image should stop displaying in the gallery.

Because the example we are creating will show and hide the image every day during a particular time of day we also need to tell the addon to ignore the date and only look at the time by checking the box Ignore Date?.

Finally we will need to save the information to the image by clicking the Save Metadata button at the bottom of the Edit Metadata screen.

Here is our first completely scheduled image.

Schedule individual gallery images
Here you can see that our gallery image isn’t showing in the gallery since the time has not been met.

Now that our time has come, we can see the image display in our gallery.

That’s all there is to it, you’ve just set up your first scheduled gallery including your first scheduled image.

If you would like to add some extended functionality to your gallery, check out our tutorial on how to add an image counter to your lightbox images.


Q: Why isn’t my scheduled image displaying?

A: Please edit the gallery and the select the blue pencil icon to edit image. On the Edit Metadata screen, please verify you have the Schedule Image? checked and saved.

Edit image to schedule the gallery image