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Using Envira with an Image Cloud Service

Would you like to use Envira and a CDN to serve your gallery images off-site? You can certainly do that with Envira Gallery, but there are a few things you may not be aware of.

An image cloud service is often referred to as a CDN (Content Delivery Network). A CDN can serve static files to your site, such as images and can sometimes speed up the page load on your site.

You can read more on what a CDN is from our friends at WPBeginner.

CDN Limitations

When using an image cloud service such as an Amazon S3 or another cloud type of service, there can be limitations for Envira galleries.

If that cloud service removes the image from the Media Library, Envira no longer has access to the original image and therefore doesn’t have the correct permissions to do things like:

  • Create cropped images
  • Create Lightbox thumbnails
  • Create mobile-specific image sizes
  • Create watermarked images using Envira’s Watermarking Addon

If you have the option of leaving the original image in your Media Library, then you could continue to use your CDN and Envira with cropped images and other services as listed above.

Without the correct permissions and access to the original image in the Media Library, Envira is unable to create these images for your gallery.

Another limitation, in some cases, can be that the cloud service actually slows down your site. This can be just a matter of which cloud service you are using and the setup you have for that service.

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