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What Type of Lens for Real Estate Photography

When shooting real estate, you might not be sure of what lens to use. Different lenses have different strengths, and the best lenses for real estate photography have particularities that you may not be familiar with. What are the best lenses for a budding professional real estate photographer? Certainly, a professional real estate photographer has […]

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What Lenses Do Professional Wildlife Photographers Use

Wildlife photography has resulted in some of the most incredible images you may have seen. Impossibly close to animals, how do professional wildlife photographers do it? What lenses do these photographers use? It could be a bird in flight, staring straight down the lens of the camera. It could be a herd of wild elephants […]

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What Kind of Lens for Landscape Photography

Do you have an interchangeable lens camera but don’t know what kind of lens to use for landscape photography? It can be challenging to determine what lens to buy. The answer can change based on whether you have an APS-C sensor or full frame, the mount your camera lens needs, what resolution your camera is […]

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How to Make Fashion Photography

Fashion photography is a broad category of photography that sits somewhere in the area of portraiture. A fashion portrait often tries to sell the viewer on something in the image, like an item of clothing. So, how do you become a fashion photographer?  This guide will go into detail on a myriad of topics within […]

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How to Get Started as a Music Photographer

Music photography can seem difficult to break in to, but it’s also one of the most exciting realms of photography! In this article, we’ll review: Steps to becoming a concert photographer Skills needed to become a concert photographer Equipment needed to become a concert photographer Salary potential for concert photographers If you’re ready to learn […]

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How to Photograph Sports in Low Light

Sports photography requires high shutter speeds. During the day, and under bright floodlights, this isn’t a problem. In less than perfect light conditions, how do you photograph action?  Prime examples of low light situations that still require high shutter speeds are indoor sports, night time or evening games, or games in low light arenas. There […]

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