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How to Get Started as a Music Photographer

Music photography can seem difficult to break in to, but it’s also one of the most exciting realms of photography! In this article, we’ll review: Steps to becoming a concert photographer Skills needed to become a concert photographer Equipment needed to become a concert photographer Salary potential for concert photographers If you’re ready to learn […]

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How to Photograph Sports in Low Light

Sports photography requires high shutter speeds. During the day, and under bright floodlights, this isn’t a problem. In less than perfect light conditions, how do you photograph action?  Prime examples of low light situations that still require high shutter speeds are indoor sports, night time or evening games, or games in low light arenas. There […]

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How to Photograph Concerts in Low Light

Music photography is such a fun area of photography. As a music photographer, you’ll get to listen to and watch incredible live performances, capture the raw energy of those performers on film, and maybe even travel. But, the lighting situation at most concerts is less than ideal.  Learning how to photograph concerts in low light […]

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How to Be a Landscape Photographer

If you love to take pictures of scenic landscapes, you might be wondering how to become a landscape photographer. Getting paid to travel and capture the beauty of the world can be a great job. And luckily, getting started doesn’t require much equipment. Want to know what you need and how to be a landscape […]

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What Lens Do You Need for Sports Photography

There are a variety of different lenses that allow you to photograph different sporting events. A lot of lens choice breaks down to the type of event, where you are relative to the action, and the lighting of the event. How do you choose the best lens for a sporting event? There are a variety […]

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How to Become a Sports Photographer

Sports Photography is a fast paced action packed field of photography. There is a lot of room for creativity, but learning how to capture the hundreds of key moments in an event is hard. How can you become a Sports Photographer? Unlike many other areas of photography, you must have a decent technical understanding of […]

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