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How to Configure General Envira Gallery Settings

Envira Gallery is a fully-functional gallery plugin for WordPress. This means that it comes with dozens, if not hundreds, of individual configuration settings depending on the kinds of galleries you have and the addons you have installed. 

However, every Envira Gallery installation includes a set of general settings that control basic functions of the plugin. This includes licensing, gallery behavior, and image behavior for all galleries in the WordPress website. 

Here we’ll cover all general settings, located under the Settings menu item:

  1. Envira License Key
  2. Envira License Key Type
  3. Add New Images
  4. Delete Image on Gallery Image Deletion
  5. Delete Images on Gallery Deletion

Include Your Envira License Key

When you install the basic Envira Gallery plugin, you start with the free Lite version. Upon purchase of a Pro license or higher, you get additional features. To enable these features in your installation, you need to include and verify your key in WordPress.

Once you have your license key, you can verify that license by copying and pasting it in the Envira License Key box under your Envira Gallery Settings and clicking the Verify Key button. You can also remove that key by clicking the Deactivate Key button:

Now you’ll have access to all of Envira Gallery’s features, addons, and automatic updates that come with your Envira Gallery subscription.

Checking Your License Key Type

Not all Envira Gallery licenses are created equal. Each license comes with more functionality and access than the previous tier. If you have upgraded your license, you’ll want to update your WordPress installation to reflect that. 

To refresh your license key, click on the Refresh Key and ensure that your plugin tier matches your purchased license:

When you upgrade your license, be sure to refresh this field in order to receive the proper updates.

Adding New Images

When you add new images into an existing gallery, Envira defaults to adding those images either before the existing images or after. 

You can set this default behavior by click on the Add New Images drop-down and selecting either ‘Before Existing Images’ or ‘After Existing Images’:

Set to Before Existing Images, any new media you upload will load in front of the existing media in your galleries. After Existing Images loads new media behind existing media.

These are just default settings; you will always have the ability to reorder your media as needed in any gallery.

When you delete an image from one of your Envira Galleries, you can have all media associated with that image deleted as well. For example, if you link an image to a gallery, you can choose to have that image deleted from your Media Library when you delete it from Envira.

You can change the default behavior by clicking the Delete Image on Gallery Image Deletion drop-down and selecting ‘Yes’:

When you delete an entire gallery from Envira, the associated images remain in your Media Library by default. You can change this default behavior by clicking the Delete Images on Gallery Deletion drop-down menu and selecting ‘Yes’: