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How to Configure General Envira Gallery Settings

Now that you’ve got Envira Gallery installed, you’ll want to review the general settings to make sure the plugin functions the way you want it to. Here, we’ll go through all of the options Envira offers:

  1. Envira License Key
  2. Envira License Key Type
  3. Add New Images
  4. Delete Image on Gallery Image Deletion
  5. Delete Images on Gallery Deletion

Envira License Key

In this field, you’ll need to paste in your full license key and click Verify Key. Once you verify your license, you’ll have access to all of Envira Gallery’s features, addons (according to your type of license), and automatic updates. You will also be able to deactivate your key should you need to.

Navigate to Envira's Settings page to enter the license key.

Envira License Key Type

Here, you’ll be able to see which type of license you purchased. When you upgrade your license, be sure to refresh this field in order to receive the proper updates.

Add New Images

When you add new media to an Envira gallery, you have two options regarding the order they appear in by default: Before Existing Images and After Existing Images.

Set to Before Existing Images, any new media you upload will load in front of the existing media in your galleries. After Existing Images loads new media behind existing media.

These are just default settings; you will always have the ability to reorder your media as needed in any gallery.

Determine if new images will automatically add to the beginning or end of a gallery.

When you delete a single image from one of your galleries, this field gives you the option to also delete that media from your Media Library automatically. If the media you’re trying to delete is attached to another post, however, you will need to manually remove it from the Media Library.

Envira allows you to automatically delete images from your Media Library when you delete images from a gallery.

Like the Delete Image on Gallery Image Deletion field above, this field gives you the option to automatically delete all media from the Media Library when you decide to delete a whole gallery. As above, though, if any media is attached to another post, you will need to manually remove it from the Media Library.