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How to Filter by Envira Tags in the WordPress Insert Media View

You can easily filter images in WordPress’ Insert Media View by your Envira Tags in a few simple steps:

Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 12.26.57

  1. Ensure you have Envira Gallery and the Envira Tags Addon installed and activated.
  2. Install and activate the Enhanced Media Library Plugin
  3. In the WordPress Administration, navigate to Media Settings » Taxonomies
    Media Settings >Taxonomies
  4. Tick the Envira Tags taxonomy
    Ticking the Envira Tags Option
  5. Click the Edit button beside the Envira Tags taxonomy name
    Clicking the Edit Button to define where to display Envira Tag Filtering Options
  6. Tick the Filter in Grid View / Media Popup option
    Selecting the "Filter in Grid View / Media Popup" Option
  7. Click the Save Changes button.

When you use Envira’s Click Here to Insert from Other Image Sources, you will now see an option to filter by Envira Tag.  This allows you to quickly see all images assigned to a specific tag, and select them for insertion in to your Envira Galleries.