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How to Zoom Thumbnail Images on Hover

Envira Gallery is highly customizable using CSS, including the ability to zoom thumbnail images on hover in a gallery.

Add the following CSS to the bottom of your active theme’s style.css file to cause all Envira Gallery thumbnail images on your site to zoom on hover:

.envira-gallery-wrap .envira-gallery-public .envira-gallery-item img { 
   transition: all .2s ease-in-out; 
.envira-gallery-wrap .envira-gallery-public .envira-gallery-item:hover img { 
   transform: scale(1.1); 
.envira-gallery-wrap .envira-gallery-public .envira-gallery-item,
.envira-gallery-wrap .envira-gallery-public .envira-gallery-item .envira-gallery-item-inner { 
   overflow: hidden; 

You can also adjust the amount of zoom by editing the transform: scale(1.1) value, a higher number will result in a larger zoom level.