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Display Lightbox Nav Arrows Inside/Outside of Image

Would you like your lightbox nav arrows to be outside of your image? With Envira we give the option for your lightbox nav arrows based on the lightbox theme you choose. This tutorial will help you in setting your lightbox nav arrows outside of your gallery images.


  • Ultimate, Agency, Pro, Plus or Basic Envira license. Learn how to purchase upgrade to one of these licenses.
  • WordPress 4.9+
  • Envira Gallery 1.3.0+


Step 1 – Create or Edit an Envira Gallery

First you’ll need to create a new gallery or edit an existing gallery. If you need any help creating your first gallery, please review our documentation here.

Step 2 – Choose Your Lightbox Theme

Next, navigate to the Lightbox tab to select your lightbox theme.

The ability to have the lightbox arrows outside of the gallery image will depend on the lightbox theme you select.

The following lightbox themes will give you the option to choose your Gallery Arrow Position:

  • Captioned
  • Polaroid
  • Showcase
  • Sleek
  • Subtle
  • Legacy

Select the Lightbox tab when editing your gallery.

Step 3 – Select your Gallery Arrow Position

On the Lightbox tab, configure the Gallery Arrow Position field to show the arrows on the inside or outside.

Choose to select your lightbox nav arrows to be inside the image or outside

Step 4 – Publish or Update Your Gallery

Finally, you’re last step is to click Publish or Update on your gallery to save the changes.

And that’s it! You’ve now set up your lightbox to show your nav arrows inside (or outside) the lightbox image.

If you’d like to learn more about Envira’s Lightbox, check out our article on Envira Gallery Lightbox Options.


Why don’t I see the option for Gallery Arrow Position?

A: This is likely because you’ve selected either the Base (Dark) or Base (Light) lightbox theme.

These lightbox themes will not allow you the ability set the Gallery Arrow Position.

Are the same options available for my Envira albums?

A: Absolutely! The Envira Albums works exactly the same as the gallery with the exact same settings for this option.