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Printing Addon

The Printing Addon for Envira Gallery easily allows you to print your gallery images from the gallery view or lightbox view. We’ll walk you through how to set up the Printing Addon on your Envira gallery.



Please follow our instructions on how to install and activate addons.

In this instance, you’ll be activating the Envira Printing Addon.


Your first step is to create a new gallery or edit an existing one. You can follow along with our documentation for creating your first gallery.

Next, navigate to the Printing tab. Here’s you’ll be able to set your printing options for the gallery view as well as the lightbox view.

Set the printing options for the gallery and lightbox view with the Printing Addon

Finally, click Publish or Update on your gallery to save the changes.

That’s it! You’ve just made it possible for your visitors to print directly from your Envira Galleries.

See the demo!

Would you like to allow visitors to download images as well? Check out our Downloads Addon.


Q: Why can’t I change the icon position for my lightbox?

A: The lightbox themes Base (Dark) or Base (Light) will always place the printing icon in the top right corner of the Lightbox.

If you wish to change the position, navigate to the Lightbox tab and you can select a different Gallery Lightbox Theme from the dropdown.

Choose your lightbox theme to be able to pick the position of your printing icon

A: Absolutely! The Printing tab is also available when creating or editing an Envira Album.

However, you’ll only be able to display the EXIF metadata from the lightbox view so the options look a little different for albums.

You can also enable the printing icon for your album lightbox images as well!