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ZIP Importer Addon

Would you like to upload your gallery images from a ZIP file? Envira’s ZIP Importer Addon allows you to upload a ZIP file containing images directly to an Envira Gallery. The images inside the ZIP file will be automatically added to the Gallery.

Please follow our instructions on how to install and activate addons.

In this instance, you’ll be activating the Envira ZIP Importer Addon.

Once the Addon is activated, simply drag and drop a ZIP file onto the “Drop files here” section, or use the Select Files From Your Computer button:

You can upload a ZIP file to your gallery just like you would any other image file. Drag a zip file into the upload section of the gallery edit screen or click on the Select Files button to choose the file to import.

Depending on the size of the ZIP file and number of images inside it, the images will then appear in the grid of within the Images tab after a few moments:

Your images will appear in the Images tab once the ZIP file has been processed by your server.

Would you like to explore some other ways of importing your gallery images? Take a closer look at how to use Envira’s Dropbox Importer Addon.

This Addon does not have any configuration options.


1.2.0 (04-10-2018)

  • Added: Fancybox3 support.
  • Fix: Minor bug fixes.

1.1.0 (10-18-2017)

  • Fix: Minor bug fixes.

1.0.5 (05-16-2017)

  • Fix: Minor bug fixes.

1.0.4 (02-15-2017)

  • Fix: Minor bug fixes.

1.0.3 (2016-08-04)

  • Fix: Temp directory now deleted before each import.

1.0.2 (2016-02-25)

  • Updated: Spanish Translations

1.0.1 (2015-12-10)

  • Added: Spanish Translation


  • Initial release of the addon.