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20 of the Best Photography Websites for Inspiration

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If you’re a photographer, having a portfolio website to showcase your best work is an important marketing tool. After all, who’s going to hire you if they can’t see some examples of your work or buy your images if they’re not categorized or displayed well. That said, you can’t just slam some photos on a website and expect it to look good.

A good-looking website and your best photography work go hand in hand. You want something that showcases your work from the get-go, is easy to navigate, and is uncluttered. 

Your photos should stand out, and there are lots of ways you can make that happen. You can use whole page images, image galleries, sliders, and much more. Plus, having plenty of white space can help, too.

WordPress is a great place to start when building your website and there are lots of WordPress photography themes you can choose from, too. 

To help you get the ball rolling, we’ve put together this list of the best photography websites for inspiration.

The Best Photography Websites for Inspiration

The Best Photography Website for Inspiration

Disclaimer: The websites below were checked at the time of writing. From time to time, websites can change or become unavailable. If you find that a website is no longer hosted or is different than described, please let us know, and we’ll remove it from the list. Thank you.

1. Adrieana Blazin Photography

Adrieana Blazin Photography

Adrieana Blazin was born in Germany and raised in New Jersey. Her passion for photography began as a child, and it has only progressed since. Her work comprises both people and pets in nature or the studio. Her website is simple, with a large black/white image for the home page. There are links to her about and contact pages, social media buttons, and most importantly, to her portfolio.

2. Liller Photo

Liller Photo

Lauren is the face of Liller Photo and she offers weddings, engagements, family, sessions, portraits, and more. Her website has pages to showcase each of those types of photographs. She also has a blog, pricing page, about page, and contact page, along with social media buttons. Her website is elegant yet simple and shows off the quality of her work.

3. Yasamin J Tehrani

Yasamin J Tehrani

Yasamin J Tehrani was born in Tehran, Iran but moved to the U.S. to study. Her work is focused on documentary-style photography, and her website includes a page that showcases her published work. Her website is simple with lots of white space and uses a simple gallery to show her work. She also has a categorized portfolio, contact page, and social media buttons. 

4. Levon Biss

Levon Biss

Levon Biss uses his website to showcase some beautiful work. His landing page consists of a non-interactive gallery of his images and his name. Clicking anywhere on that page will take you to the main website, where you can navigate using the hamburger menu on the side. 

His menu includes his work with people, including famous faces, and macro photography. There are also links to his exhibitions, prints, and an about page. All of his images are contained in a simple, scrolling gallery.

5. Mathieu Stern

Mathieu Stern

Mathieu Stern is a professional photographer and filmmaker. He has a unique style with double exposure, landscape, portrait photography, and more. He uses his website to showcase the different areas of photography he works with, as well as for a shop, blog, and contact page. The website is simple with a menu at the side and a simple scrolling format for all of his work.

6. Mike Kelley

Mike Kelley

Mike Kelley specializes in architectural photography and has worked for Tesla Motors, National Geographic, and The Wall Street Journal, to name but a few. His website is predominantly white and very professional-looking. He has a portfolio section with categories to showcase his work, and it is shown in an organized gallery view. It also includes an about page, print shop, and contact page.

7. Pedro N The World

Pedro Oliveira

Pedro Oliveira is an award-winning photographer. His website is simple but packs a punch. The side menu contains a link for each area of photography he has worked in. Once you click on one, you’re met with a nicely spaced gallery. He also has links for projects, contact, and an about page. 

8. Anwita + Arun

Anwita and Arun

Anwita and Arun work together and individually across a range of different photography areas. From food and drink to hospitality and commercial settings, their work is high quality and clearly organized on their website. 

Due to having such a wide range of photography categories, their portfolio link includes a drop-down menu that continues to lead to more categories. It uses a grid style to showcase their work in large images. They have also included a blog and social media buttons.

9. Haris Nukem

Haris Nukem

Haris Nukem is a photographer, filmmaker, designer, and artist. His landing page consists of one full-page image. The word “NUKEM” in the middle also serves as a clickable button to enter the main website. Once there, you’ll be greeted by large vibrant images that are contained in a horizontal scrolling gallery, making sure his work is the main subject of the website. He also has a shop and contact page, as well as social media buttons.

10. Lieben Fotografi

Synnove Lieben

Synnove Lieben excels in wedding/elopement photography, family portraits, and much more. Her website showcases her work with a beautiful full-page slider at the header, and further images below. Her website is categorized, leading to more beautiful work shown in manual sliders. She also has info, blog, and contact page, as well as an Instagram link.

11. Grace Chuang

Grace Chuang

Grace Chuang’s website takes you straight to her about page. From there, you can look at her projects, photography work, and more by using the side menu. She uses a lot of white space and large images to ensure visitors’ eyes are on her images. Her work includes a mix of engagements and weddings, life and adventure. There are also social media buttons.

12. Brandi Toole

Brandi Toole

Brandi Toole is a wedding photographer based in New York. Her website takes you straight to a full-page automatic image slider, showcasing her great work. She has links to her about page, services, blog, contact page, and portfolio. Her portfolio makes good use of white space to complement her work in a grid-style gallery. She also has testimonials and social media buttons.

13. Pierre De Bellot Photography

Pierre De Bellot

Pierre De Bellot is a professional photographer that specializes in family photography of all ages. His website uses plenty of white space and includes a large automatic image slider at the top of the page to show off his work. He also uses grid style galleries in other areas of his website. There are links to his portfolio categories, services, about page, blog, testimonials, and contact page. He also has social media buttons.

14. Sanz Lena Photography

Sanz Lena

Sanz Lena is a Toronto fashion photographer. The website is super simple, consisting of lots of white space with a horizontal scrolling gallery. There are social media buttons and a hamburger menu on the side with links to photo categories, workshops, bio, and contact.

15. Will Bremridge

Will Bremridge

Will Bremridge’s website takes you straight to his portfolio page, which uses a simple grid-style gallery to scroll through and a light pastel-colored background. He has a top menu with links to his about page, diary, print shop, and contact page. There are social media buttons at the bottom of the page.

16. Nate Luebbe

Nate Luebbe

Nate Luebbe is a professional photographer that specializes in nature, wildlife, and landscapes. His website takes you to a full-page automatic slider to showcase his breathtaking work, but not before you’ve been greeted by the sign-up pop-up. He has links to a categorized gallery, workshops, journal, shop, about page, and contact page. There are also social media buttons.

17. Kayla Fisher Photography

Kayla Fisher

Kayla Fisher is a professional wedding photographer based in Arizona, but her work has taken her all over the globe. When you visit her website, you’re greeted with a full-page automatic slider showcasing her beautiful work. She also has links to her about, info, and contact pages, as well as a portfolio where you’ll find other categorized photography, too. She also makes use of social media buttons.

18. Amelia Allen

Amelia Allen

Amelia Allen is a London-based photographer that doesn’t shy away from the natural human body. Her work consists of commercial, personal and documentary photography that includes natural nakedness. Her work largely consists of black and white images, and she uses lots of white space to ensure that her images stand out, as well as the help of a horizontal scrolling gallery. She has links to her about, shop, and contact pages, as well as social media buttons.

19. Brandon Woelfel

Brandon Woelfel

Brandon Woelfel is a New York-based photographer. His website starts with a full-page background image. He includes his email address, social media buttons, and two links — one to his “Ultraviolet” photo collection book that you can buy, and another to his full website. 

On his full website, he uses lots of white space and a grid-style gallery to showcase his best work. He also has links to his contact page, what equipment he uses, and even some before and after shots. 

20. Danilo & Sharon

Danilo and Sharon

Danilo and Sharon are a photography duo based in Europe. Their photography work screams fashion, but they also specialize in wedding photography and the like. Their website uses lots of white space and the home page greets you with a silent black and white video showcasing their work style. They have links to their about page, portfolios, and contact page. They have featured in Elle, Vogue, and more. 


When it comes to your photography work, a website speaks a thousand words. Ensuring your website displays your best work in a beautiful way that’s easy to navigate is important for your reputation and the prospect of future clients. One of the best ways of ensuring that with a WordPress website is by using the Envira Gallery plugin.

We hope that these examples of the best photography websites have inspired you as you plan your WordPress photography website design.

If you’re looking for the best WordPress photography theme, to accomplish any of the designs you’ve seen here, and then some, try The Imagely Theme. It’s a powerful and flexible theme with endless possibilities. Combine it with Envira Gallery for even more potential.

With Envira Gallery, you can create beautiful, mobile-friendly, photo and video galleries, easily. That includes slideshow displays and fullscreen lightboxes. It comes with a drag and drop builder, you can integrate social media buttons, and you can optimize your images for SEO. What’s more, you can organize your images in albums and add tags, as well as add watermarks for protection. Why not try Envira Gallery now?

If you already use Envira Gallery, tell us about your experience in the comment section. Thank you for reading.

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