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Top 6 WordPress Video Plugins for a Superior Website

Incorporating videos into a WordPress site can significantly enhance user engagement and provide a dynamic way to showcase content. With a plethora of WordPress video plugins available, you can find an ideal solution that caters to your specific needs, such as video galleries, responsive video players, video sliders, and more. Selecting the right video plugin […]

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How to Display a Video Lightbox in WordPress

Do you want to open your WordPress videos in the Lightbox popup? Sometimes you may need to show your videos on fullscreen to better engage your site visitors and allow them to see every detail. In this tutorial, we will share how to display a video Lightbox in WordPress. Adding the videos in WordPress from […]

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How to Remove Black Bars from a Video Embed in WordPress

Do you want to add fullscreen videos on your WordPress site? Sometimes you may need to display videos without the top and bottom black bars, so your users can view the video end-to-end on their screen. In this tutorial, we will share how to remove black bars from a video embed in WordPress. By default, […]

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How to Hide Progress Bar on Videos in WordPress

Do you want to disable the progress bar on videos of your site? Most embedded videos always display a progress bar which can sometimes annoy your site visitors while playing the videos. In this tutorial, we will share how to hide progress bar on videos in WordPress. The default WordPress video embed don’t allow you […]

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